The classics never go out of style.

Bubba Fett needs little introduction. And not because the strain references a beloved Star Wars icon (it’s Boba Fett in case you’re wondering, #Duh). Bubba Fett is a marriage between two of our industry’s most loved genetics: Pre-’98 Bubba Kush and Stardawg. 

And Bubba Fett is a heavy hitter (more on that later).  

An original created by Boulder’s Green Dream Cannabis, Bubba Fett is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its somewhat high CBD percentage. But, don’t be fooled, Bubba Fett leans heavily toward its indica profile, giving the strain noticeable sedative effects.

Bubba Fett puts you to sleep.

Tread lightly. Bubba Fett is not for the faint of heart. This beloved strain puts consumers to bed. As Westword says, “Even at night, this strain can be easily overdone, with the motivation to brush your teeth, take the dog out or put leftovers in the fridge all hanging in the balance after a puff or two.” You’ll want to settle in for the night before entering the realm of Bubba Fett.

Lightshade customers enjoy Bubba Fett’s earthy and bright flavor, and it’s relaxing (to say the least) and long-lasting effects. 

Know this: Bubba Fett will have you running for the snack drawer; watch out for the munchies. If your pantry is stocked with cookies and chips, or your freezer is full of ice cream, beware.

“Bubba Fett is the cream of the crop when it comes to indica-dominant hybrids. It’s rare and unique cross alone attracts cannabis connoisseurs to this flower. Bubba Fett is known for providing consumers with a hefty high, which quickly becomes sedating. It is an ideal strain for kicking back and taking a mid-day nap. Some consumers find the strain to be a fantastic movie strain as long as the sedating effects don’t become overpowering. Bubba Fett is an insanely high testing strain making it a perfect flower for experienced consumers.” – Leafbuyer

Bubba Fett Strain - Lightshade Cannabis Dispensary Denver

Bubba Fett is a unique strain and remains a classic even as the available strain options grow. Colorado dispensary customers worship at the feet of Bubba Fett – maybe we’re getting carried away, but perhaps not? Bubba Fett’s chunky buds, milky white trichomes, and bright violet-hued and lime-green flowers, keep Lightshade visitors coming back for more, again, and again. The Bubba Fett adoration borders on obsession.

The rundown on Bubba Fett:

  • Bubba Fett is a blend of Pre-’98 Bubba Kush and Stardawg
  • Despite its high CBD percentage, Bubba Fett leans heavily toward its indica side.
  • Bubba Fett has powerful sedative effects – not recommended for new cannabis consumers.
  • Bubba Fett is known for inspiring intense bouts of the munchies (lock up your Doritos). 
  • Bubba Fett is a well-known mood enhancer. 
  • Bubba Fett is most common in Colorado (we are lucky). 
  • Berry-like, earthy, and herbal, are common descriptors for Bubba Fett’s flavor profile. 
  • Bubba Fett has a THC content between 25-29%. 
  • Medical cannabis customers love Bubba Fett because of its powerful sedating effects.

Bubba Fett is a classic among a sea of classical genetics. Do you also love this night-time strain?

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