Lightshade team members are adorned with new flare and our customers are wondering why. Here’s the lowdown.

If you’ve been into one of our eight locations recently, chances are you’ve noticed the new “I Am Not A Doctor” pins adorning the shirts and lanyards of our in-store staff. Understandably, we’ve had a lot of questions about the purpose of these pins and what they mean, so we thought we’d address them head-on.

Recently, the Marijuana Enforcement Division of Colorado, or ‘MED’, has made some changes to what workers in the marijuana industry are allowed to claim, both in person and on product packaging. Primarily, the new regulations aim to curb the practice of marijuana industry workers providing medical advice to consumers, surrounding the use of cannabis products to treat specific conditions and ailments. As a result, Lightshade is working closely with the MED to make sure we are giving our customers safe and accurate information about both medical and recreational cannabis products – without crossing the line and recommending specific products for any conditions that could/should be treated by a healthcare professional

In addition to the pins, you’ve likely seen our handouts which read “We are NOT Physicians and are unable to provide product recommendations or advice based on medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare professional to determine the potential benefits of cannabis.”

The pins and handouts are all to keep our customers the most informed cannabis consumers in Colorado.

Lightshade - We are not doctors

Your Health Is Our Priority

At Lightshade, we are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable and discerning budtenders in the industry working in our stores. Our staff is well versed in all of the products we offer, but we are not physicians. The safety and well-being of our customers is our highest priority. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible and help guide you towards the right decision on your cannabis purchase, but when it comes to your individual health, your doctor knows best.  We wholeheartedly believe in the use of cannabis as part of an active, balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle. However, qualified medical professionals are the only ones who should be providing you with advice and direction when it comes to your physical health. We encourage you to speak with your doctor about cannabis and if it’s right for you, in the treatment of any physical and/or mental ailments you might be experiencing.

Our industry is ever-changing and advancements in technology, research, and product information continue to push us forward. Lightshade aims to stay at the forefront of all things cannabis and we believe this is a step in the right direction—ensuring the longevity of retail marijuana in Colorado.

Keep the Questions Coming!

While the new MED regulations, and our ongoing efforts to provide customers with accurate information, will impact the conversation around the medical benefits of cannabis, it by no means should stop you from coming in and talking to us! The best part of our job is getting to chat with our loyal customers about our products and the latest in the world of cannabis.

Our staff is more than equipped to handle all your questions about strain effects, consumption methods, which products contain CBD and in what amounts, and any other topics you may be curious about. We want you to have the best cannabis experience possible, and we’re here to make sure that happens. So come by one of our eight Denver-metro locations with all your questions, speak to one of our budtenders and see why the Lightshade difference is night and day!