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The Cannabis + Music Connection—A Legacy of Inspired Sounds

Consumers understand the connection between cannabis and music—but do you know how deep the relationship goes?

Cannabis has a deep relationship with sound. Looking back at the beatniks of the 1950s and hippies of the 60s, we can see that both groups found influence and inspiration from cannabis.  

Beat generation author and cultural icon Allen Ginsberg wrote, “Marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and aural aesthetic perceptions.” Jack Kerouac, arguably the most recognizable of the “Beats” in 1969 (the year of Woodstock) wrote, “I smoked more grass than anyone you ever knew in your life.”

Beatniks and hippies consumed cannabis to enhance the experience of music and to inspire creativity. Whether they were rolling one joint (or many) to enjoy at Birdland during a Charlie Parker session, or at El Chapultepec, Denver’s legendary Jazz bar and Beat hangout (yes, Denver has always been cool), the Beats were the original supporters of cannabis culture.

The musicians themselves also consumed cannabis (#Duh). Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix (and many, many more), openly discussed their cannabis consumption. Citing the transcendental effect THC has on the creative mind, musicians, spanning genres and generations continue to find inspiration in cannabis.

Hash and pot…they just bend your mind a little. I think everybody’s mind should be bent once in a while.—Bob Dylan

Our beloved 420, the officially unofficial cannabis holiday, exists because a few hippie high school students needed a place and time to consume, and that time/code, 4:20, made its way to the entourage surrounding the Grateful Dead (we wrote a blog about it that you can read here). The rest, as they say, is history.

Regardless of your preference in music— Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Goth/Industrial, Punk, Jam Bands, EDM, Noise, etc.—consuming cannabis before or during the act of enjoying (or playing) music can enhance each note and every rhythm.

You need music, I don’t know why. It’s probably one of those Joseph Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic and bliss, and power and myth, and celebration and religion in our lives and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.—Jerry Garcia

When it comes to seeing live music, there is almost no better way to pre-game than to consume cannabis (sorry, booze). A show at Red Rocks is one of the classic Colorado sound-centric activities. Take a rideshare to Red Rocks (or designate a sober companion), and before heading out the door, pregame with an edible, joint (shareable), or your preferred method of cannabis consumption. Of course, you can take this same approach to every show you see in Denver, at Red Rocks or any other live music venue.

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