Lightshade’s managers love vape pens and cartridges—here are some of their favorites.

We like to poll our retail store managers a few times a year to learn more about their favorite products. If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you might remember last February’s article highlighting our manager’s preferred concentrates.

This time, given the increasing popularity of cannabis vape pens and related goods, we wanted to find out what our retail store managers love among Lightshade’s vape and THC vape oil cartridge product lines.

Cannabis Vape Pens—Colorado’s New Favorite Consumption Method

It’s not surprising to learn, since legalization, vaping has become one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods. Vapes offer a smooth, discrete, and simple experience for consumers. Additionally, vape pens provide consistent and straightforward dosing, immediate onset, and cartridge options spanning the entire spectrum of flavors and effects.

Unlike smoking flower (don’t get us wrong, we LOVE consuming flower), with vape pens, there is no need to use a grinder, fuss with rolling a joint, packing a bowl, or waiting while someone does that work for you. Just pop your favorite cartridge into the pen and enjoy—it’s that simple. Speaking of simplicity, single-use vape pens with pre-loaded cartridges are also available. In the realm of cannabis, it doesn’t get any easier.

It’s understandable, given the ease of use and the possible range of effects, why Vape pens are loved equally by new cannabis consumers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Keep reading to find out what vape products Lightshade’s retail store managers love.

Lightshade Managers Favorite Vape Products

Evolab G-Pen at Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade 6th Ave (Denver Dispensary)

Evolab G-Pen

“My personal favorite is the G-Pen from Evolab. Similar to the Pax Era in its unique pen and pod design, I find the terpene-rich oil blend gives an explosive flavor and consistent high from start to finish. While some cartridges may have a diminished and sometimes burnt taste when they are nearly empty, the G-Pen offers a full-flavored hit and a pleasant buzz until the very end.”

Evolab Gio Pods at Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade (Aurora Dispensary)

Evolab G-Pen and Gio Pods

“My favorite vape product we carry is the Evolab G-pen and Gio pods. The pods carry zero polypropylene glycol (PPG), and they have a high terpene profile making them very tasty. The effects are consistent and eclipse most other products in longevity and quality. The price point is great, the heating time is instantaneous, and the battery life is usually 2 hours.”

Pax Era Vape - Lightshade Dispensary


Lightshade Dayton (Denver Dispensary)

Pax Era and Pax Era Live Resin Pods

“My favorite vape product Lightshade carries is the Pax Era vaporizer with the Pax Era Live Resin Pods. When it comes to flavor and buzz, the smoking experience is unlike any other cartridge. The high terpene extract pods are also some of my favorites—this is a great cartridge for consumers looking for a high comparable to flower. Pax allows you to customize your device to your own personal preferences through a free downloadable app. It allows you to adjust the temperature, and play games! The newest feature on the app allows for consumers to log a smoking “Sesh“ so you know how much of your pod you’ve been smoking and for how long, as well as how much product gets you to where you need to be! Overall I recommend this product to seasoned veteran smokers as well as first timers because of how easily customizable the smoking experience is.”


Lightshade Sheridan (Denver Dispensary)

Craft Sesh Cartridges

“My favorite vape product at Lightshade, are the Craft Sesh cartridges. Craft’s distillate consistently tests between 75 and 95 percent, so consumers know they will get a consistent experience, every time. Craft also reintroduces strain specific terpenes to their Sesh cartridges, making these some of the best tasting cartridges, on a budget.”

Pax Era Pods - Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade Federal Heights (Federal Heights Dispensary)

Pax Era Pen and Pods

“Pax has a wide variety of pods from their affordable budder pods to the more expensive live resin, distillate, 1:1, 3:1 CBD: THC options to suit all users….I love the lock feature you can enable thru the app.”

Evolab G-Pen at Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade Holly (Denver Dispensary)

Evolab G-Pen

“The Nomad distillate cartridges are awesome! The oil is pure and potent. These cartridges are similar to the CSC distillate cartridges, but Nomad stepped it up a notch and introduced new flavors like Cantaloupe and Dreamsicle! I love these cartridges not only because of the flavors but also because of how smooth the oil is when you hit it. A lot of vape pens are harsh and tend to burn my throat and make me cough, but the Nomad pairs a pleasant hit with a flavor that isn’t too overwhelming.”

Evolab Chroma Colors Cartridges - Lightshade Dispensary Denver


Lightshade Iliff (Aurora Dispensary)

Evolab Chroma Colors Cartridges

“The Evolab Chroma Colors Cartridges are my favorite vape item! They provide rich Terpenes and pure Cannabinoids that deliver a great tasting product with a wide range of flavors, a great atomizer and high THC percentages—I am never disappointed. The price point is very competitive, and I’m able to enjoy my oil with no clogging issues or any of that awful burnt taste!”

Cannabis vape pens and cartridges give recreational and medical cannabis consumers high quality, convenient, discrete and versatile products to suit every occasion and mood. Lightshade is proud to offer the latest vape products available at each of our 9 retail locations, including all of the items mentioned above.

Stop by or pre-order online, and experience for yourself why the Lightshade difference is night and day.