Summer is around the corner, and we want to make sure you’re prepared with some of our favorite Colorado cannabis products and activities. 

It’s nearly summertime in Colorado! The warm weather means it’s the perfect time to kick summer into high gear and catch some sunshine while enjoying Colorado’s natural splendor. 

And, in our humble opinion, there’s no better companion to sunshine and adventure than a targeted THC dose. 

To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Colorado summertime activities and the perfect cannabis pairings to take your experience to the next level. Whether you love to stay active or enjoy a more low-key variety of summer bliss, Lightshade has you covered.

A Weekend Hike

With almost 5,000 official trails, Colorado is a dream destination for hikers at all levels. Whether you’re trekking through Rocky Mountain National Park’s emerald lakes or simply enjoying a weekend ramble through a wildflower-strewn park, Wyld’s Pear CBG Gummies are the perfect pairing for all your summertime hiking needs. Enjoy the gummies’ delicious flavor, based on a blend of wild pear extract and a light touch of coconut oil, and the balancing effects of CBG combined with THC to create an uplifting, euphoric high.

*Please note that we don’t condone or recommend hiking or driving while high – a microdose will do the trick. 

Mountain Biking

It’s no secret that Colorado is home to some of the country’s best mountain biking, with trails ranging from a looping pathway through the woods to splashing journeys over accessible flowing streams. Cannabis transforms a leisurely afternoon of biking through a familiar spot into a daring summertime escapade. We love to pair our mountain biking with an energetic flower strain like Cannalope Haze, a pleasantly sweet mix of floral, fruity, and juicy melon flavors. Combat fatigue with this enlivening strain and get an extra boost of cannabis-infused energy to carry you over the next mountain and beyond.

*Please note that we don’t condone or recommend mountain biking or driving while high, and public consumption is illegal. Please ride safely – make intelligent decisions, and again, microdosing is the key to good times without problems.

beautiful mountain lake
a picnic next to a river

Hot Springs Soaking 

If you need a break from all that hiking and biking, Colorado’s abundance of natural hot springs is here to save the day! The same geologic forces that shaped the majestic scenery of the Rocky Mountains created a network of natural soaking spots ideal for warming sore muscles. Combine a stress-relieving soak with an ultra-potent Escape Artists Infused Joint. Try relaxing indica or enlivening sativa for a super tasty sharable experience, ideal for hot water-based socialization. Plus, since they’re infused, each joint lasts a few days–so just pop your joint back into the tube and settle into that soak once you’re at your perfect level of high. 

*Please note, public cannabis consumption is illegal. Be smart, be discrete, and stay out of trouble this summer. 


Picnicking is the ultimate relaxing summertime activity. There’s nothing better than whiling away a summer afternoon surrounded by tasty snacks and good friends, with the sunshine on your face. Take your picnic adventure to the next level with Stillwater Ripple: Pure Dissolvable THC, an innovation in edible cannabis that lets you infuse any food or drink. Stir a pouch of Pure THC into your lemonade for targeted cannabis action, or sprinkle Balanced on top of your scoop of ice cream for a lighter hybrid CBD/THC experience. Relief brings a CBD-rich experience to that slice of watermelon–the ultimate in easy-infused summer bliss.


Kayaking in Colorado is a genuine choose your own adventure situation. There are so many great options–from a picturesque and sunny float through Lake Pueblo to basking in the shade of the trees surrounding Sylvan Lake. That’s why we love bringing Spherex 1gram Distillate Cartridges along on our kayaking adventures. They’re strain-specific and color-coordinated so that you can find your high consistently, every time. Pick the perfect targeted strain for your desired effect, and watch your troubles float away.

*Please note that we don’t condone or recommend kayaking or driving while high, and public consumption is illegal. Consume safely – make intelligent decisions, and again, microdosing is the key to good times without problems.

Step Out for Ice Cream

Getting ice cream isn’t the most active activity, but with some of the country’s best independent creameries, stopping for a scoop is practically an official Colorado summer sport. We love to pair our summer ice cream tasting with ice cream-themed cannabis flower to add a little extra dose of creamy indulgence. Our two favorites are Gelato Cake, whose creamy, berry, gassy, and vanilla frosting aromas create a powerful full-body high, and Gelato #33 with sweet citrus and fruity flavors that create an energetic, uplifting high. That cone won’t be the only thing melting in the summer sun!

Scenic Train Rides

While we’re on the subject of relaxing, there are few better ways to kick back in the summer than with a low-key ride on one of Colorado’s historic scenic trains. Sit back and relax as you watch the panoramas of the mountains unfold around you–accompanied, naturally, with a dose of super low-key cannabis. We love pairing a scenic summer train ride with Lavender Jones, the perfect mood-elevating day strain. This easy-breezy strain helps soothe and balance with a complexly sweet flavor and aroma, inducing a mildly meditative state ideal for watching the world go by through the window.

person happily eating ice cream

Make the most of your Colorado summer! Visit your favorite Lightshade location and ask your budtender for their favorite summertime cannabis products and activities. 

Please note that flower availability is subject to change. Please visit our online ordering page to see current inventory, or ask your budtender at the point of purchase

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