Give your daily wellness program a healthy boost with cannabis from a Colorado dispensary.

You’re a wellness fanatic, and you don’t smoke weed (at least not since college). But cannabis keeps coming up in conversations, so you’re intrigued. You ask, “is cannabis right for me?” And you’re not alone; many people have the same question because marijuana doesn’t seem approachable.

And that’s by design.

The War on Drugs made weed scary. And the plant is stigmatized today despite its legalization in Colorado.

But cannabis is only a plant. And it’s a safe alternative to toxic products masquerading as healthful self-care solutions. It’s also ancient.

People have consumed cannabis across cultures for thousands of years to heal their minds and bodies. It’s self-care with roots in antiquity. Cannabis can improve your daily wellness routine, and you don’t have to get high.

From relaxing after a stupidly long workday to workout recovery, here are a few simple ways to incorporate weed into your daily life.

Keef Drinks - Sparkling Cannabis Infused Water - Lightshade Colorado

Swap your daily glass of wine for something that won’t give you a hangover.

Many of us reach for a glass of wine to relax after work. But wine can cause sleep issues and hangovers. Cannabis is just as effective at helping you chill out, but without the adverse side effects.

We’re fans of a low-dose edible (Wana’s Yuzu gummies are a favorite), or if we’re craving a drink, there’s nothing better than a cannabeverage (Keef Cola, for example).

Start your day with a microdose.

Get your daily microdose of CBD and THC in a cannabis tincture. It’s just like your daily multivitamin, but better, cause it’s weed. And here’s the best part – you don’t have to get high. The beauty of a microdose is that it’s just enough THC to help your body receive the benefits of CBD and other plant compounds, without feeling high.

ReCreate’s Everday Tincture is our current go-to for a daily dose of endocannabinoid support. It’s the perfect combo of CBD and low-dose THC to help you get plant-derived cannabinoids as nature intended.

Stanley Brothers - ReCreate Everyday Tincture
Escape Artist relief creams

Sooth minor aches with cannabis topicals.

Taking care of your body post-workout is arguably more important than the workout itself. Cannabis topicals, also known as salves, are another way to improve recovery beyond hydration, healthy meals, stretching, and sleep.

Cannabis topicals can significantly reduce inflammation. So when your muscles need help, reach for a soothing salve that blends CBD and THC with medicinal herbs. For example, Relief Cream from Escape Artists. Relief Cream is made with THC, CBD, and helpful herbs to provide soothing benefits within ten minutes. Slather it on, chill out, sleep, wake up and crush your next workout (or workday) – rinse and repeat.

Take a bath.

Every person loves a relaxing bath. But if you could take your average and already relaxing bath, and make it better, you would, wouldn’t you?

Coda Signature’s cannabis-infused bath bombs are “handcrafted with care for luxury relief.” Coda blends cannabis with medicinal herbs and essential oils to create a bath bomb that dissolves in water for the ultimate self-care experience. Take an infused bath before bedtime (we also suggest you take a THC sleep tincture), and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

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Cannabis is a useful tool for your daily wellness routine.

We’re here to crush stigmas and help you live your best life.

If that sounds lofty, it is – but that’s okay because we see the power of cannabis every day in our Colorado dispensaries. Drop by your favorite Lightshade location and ask our budtender’s for their product recommendations.