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Lightshade Dispensary - Break the Stigma - Stevie Kaye

Breaking the Stigma: Stevie Kaye

After a series of injuries ended her volleyball career at 22, Stevie Kaye turned to cannabis for relief. She has now been a cannabis activist and advocate for close to a decade, and we are excited to feature her first in our new Breaking the...

Cannabis and Weight Loss - Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary Colorado

Cannabis and Weight Loss: An Unlikely Combination

Cannabis consumption might help you maintain a healthy weight New research finds that cannabis has the potential to help consumers maintain a healthy weight. Are you surprised? People associate many things with cannabis - weight loss isn’t one of them. And while scientific evidence supports the Doritos-ravaging...

4 Ways to Enhance your Cannabis Experience

4 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis Consumption Experience

There’s nothing wrong with consuming cannabis just for the high, but with a world of new products and consumption methods, it’s not your only option. If all you do is smoke and watch sitcoms that’s cool, you do you. But know that you’re missing out on...

Umphrey's McGee Live at Red Rocks

An Interview with Umphrey’s McGee

In anticipation of their triumphant return to Colorado for a 3-night run at Red Rocks, we had a chance to sit down with Umphrey’s McGee lead singer and guitarist Brendan Bayliss, keyboard wizard Joel Cummins, and longtime band sound-caresser and manager Kevin Browning. Umphrey’s enters their...

Cannabis & Music - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

The Cannabis + Music Connection

The Cannabis + Music Connection—A Legacy of Inspired Sounds Consumers understand the connection between cannabis and music—but do you know how deep the relationship goes? Cannabis has a deep relationship with sound. Looking back at the beatniks of the 1950s and hippies of the 60s, we can...

Marijuana Edibles - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Cannabis Edibles We Love: Lightshade Staff Picks

Lightshade Staff Members Love Edibles (As Do Our Customers) – Here Are Some of Their Favorites A few times each year, we like to poll Lightshade staff to learn about their favorite cannabis products. If you’re a close follower of this blog, you might recall this...

Marijuana Edibles - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Setting the Record Straight on Edibles

Cannabis Edibles - Keys to Safe Consumption Edibles are a fun alternative for people who’d prefer not to inhale cannabis, but consumers (and the media) need some education around safe consumption. Edibles are the consumption method of choice for many fans of cannabis. You love them, we...

420 in Colorado - Cannabis Celebration - Weed Day- Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Lightshade’s Tips for Celebrating the Greenest Day of the Year

420 in Colorado Make the most of this green holiday with tips and activities hand-selected by Lightshade. Sure, St. Patty’s Day is green, but the greenest day of the year is 420. The roots of 420 are vague (and change depending on who you ask). Here’s what...

Lightshade celebrates women in cannabis

Women In Cannabis

Updated 3/28/2019 Inspirational Female Leaders Making an Impact in Colorado and Beyond As National Women’s History Month draws to a close, Lightshade would like to recognize the impactful women of cannabis. Last year, we published our first edition of Women in Cannabis. It was—and still is—our goal to...