Green Crack

Green Crack is a SATIVA, falls under the ENLIVEN category on our balance scale and is often used as a day strain.

Green Crack can help with:

  • Energy Stimulant
  • Focus
  • Creativity

What is Green Crack?

Green Crack is a potent and stimulating daytime strain that Colorado dispensary shoppers love! The Green Crack devotion is understandable. There are only a few strains that can compete with Green Crack’s focus and pointed energy.

What does the Green Crack strain do?

Like most cannabis strains, Green Crack gets you high! But the effects are nuanced and won’t leave you couch-locked. 

Green Crack gives Colorado cannabis fans an uplifting heady buzz that powers their daytime activities. It’s fruity and tangy, with a flavor that reminds us of juicy mango. 

Still, the strain name can conjure negative images, so many consumers prefer using a now common alternative, Green Cush. However you call it, Green Crack is our go-to for a daytime strain that increases energy and fights fatigue, gloom, and stress.

Here are some more details we think you should know about Green Crack.

Green Crack was initially named Green Cush by its creator, Cecil C. The strain took third place for Best Sativa at the 2015 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, and during the flowering season, it’s utterly white from thick resin coating.

Why is it called Green Crack?

In the beginning, consumers most often called the strain “Green Cush,” but the one and only D-O-DOUBLE G (Snoop Dogg) changed its name to Green Crack to match its potent and energizing effects (sativa-like).

Here’s some extra information for amateur cultivators.

Experts say Green Crack grows short, vegetates fast, and can handle indoor and outdoor growing conditions. The plant flowers in roughly 56 days and features small and densely clustered resinous buds.



Skunk X 1 Cross

The precise lineage is as hazy as a cloud of Green Crack smoke, but most people think Green Crack is a cross between a late 1980’s Super Sativa Seed Club, Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace

Top Terpenes

Mint Leaves