What is Red Headed Stranger?

Red Headed Stranger means different things to different people. If you’re a Willie Nelson fan (who isn’t?) Red Headed Stranger might be one of your favorite records. 

(By the way, Willie released Red Headed Stranger, his 18th studio album, in 1975)

If you’re a Colorado cannabis fan, Red Headed Stranger is a sativa- dominant strain from our ENLIVEN product category. 

Red Headed Stranger Effects:

  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Productive 

What does the Red Headed Stranger strain do?

Red Headed Stranger is a stimulating daytime strain. It’ll make you want to go for a euphoric run or start a creative project. Red Headed Stranger might also finally give you the motivation to clean your kitchen (we’re not making promises). 

Here are some more details we think you should know about Red Headed Stranger.

Red Headed Stranger is a cross between William’s Wonder and Tom Hill’s beloved strain, Haze. Its bouquet is spicy and sharp, with a hint of herbaceousness. And, as we said above, Red Headed Stranger is energizing for most people. It’ll get your body and mind moving. 

Red Headed stranger is a reasonable choice for new Colorado cannabis consumers since it has a relatively low THC percentage (this also makes it a good daytime strain). 

It’s also award-winning. Red Headed Stranger won “Best Sativa” in the 2012 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup.

What strains are similar to Red Headed Stranger?

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams is a balanced sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s believed to be a cross between Cindy 99 and William’s Wonder. It’s also the name of a legendary American Roots Music hero. 

Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s a potent cross between Tropicanna and Banana Kush that can reach THC levels up to 25%. 


Tropsanto is a hybrid strain believed to be a cross between GMO and Tropicana Cookies. It tastes like cookie dough, garlic, and spicy cinnamon, and we know that sounds odd, but it works. It’s potent, flavorful, and perfect for dabbing. 

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a 60:40 sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica). It’s a cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian, and while it’s not the heaviest hitter in our strain bank, Pineapple Express has its merits! 

Lilac Diesel

Lilac Diesel is a balanced hybrid strain (50/50 indica/sativa) developed by crossing classic strains like Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, NY Cherry Pie, and Citral Glue. It’s beautifully pungent and perfect for hybrid strain lovers. 

Here’s what Lightshade Budtenders say about Red Headed Stranger (the strain, not Willie’s album):


(Haze x William's Wonder)

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