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Looking for a tasty, cookie-like indulgence that’ll knock your socks off? Buttery, shortbread-flavored Showboat is a high-impact wonder that goes down easy.

With its strong but well-balanced and surprisingly versatile high, Showboat is potent enough to get the job done in one hit, but it has a flavor worth savoring. You’ll want to break out this strain when you’re looking to impress or indulge in some high-octane self-care.

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Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Blending 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics, Showboat is a beautifully balanced strain that brings the best of both cannabis typologies to create a unique effect.

Expect a soothing experience livened up with a delightful sativa buzz. You’ll feel aches, pains, and inflammation wash away, leaving you with a soothing sense of well-being.


Bred by Archive Seed Bank, Showboat is a brilliant blend of Sherbert x Moonbow takes the best qualities from both parents.

Sherbert brings those powerful, floaty full-body effects that’ll leave you feeling like you’re drifting down a lazy river. Moonbow delivers a further boost of potent power, plus a delicious array of fruity and floral aromas that make Showboat a treat to be savored.

How does Showboat make you feel?

Showboat has a high that comes on strong and sends you floating away on a blissful trip. Tasty cookie and sweet ripe berry notes accompany the inhale. As you exhale, you’ll notice a cerebral head buzz start to build.

The high floats down your shoulders, melting away tension and washing through your entire body in easy, pulsing waves, leaving you giggly and relaxed. Just when things start tending toward couch lock, that sativa buzz kicks in, bringing a surprising and delightful uplift.

As you settle into your Showboat experience, you can expect an exceptionally indulgent and well-balanced high, with a perfect blend of mind and body impact.

THC Potency

Showboat’s average THC levels of 18% percent offer a powerful experience that isn’t too overwhelming.

Thanks to its subtly blended effects and balanced genetics, Showboat is an indulgent self-care strain that’s perfect for soothing aches and pains and managing minor stress, strain, and anxiety.

Strain Aromas

A buttery shortbread aroma is the first scent you’ll notice when you breathe in a whiff of Showboat. This fresh-baked delight is livened up with punchy citrus notes and the scent of sweet, earthy pine.

Strain Flavor

That fresh cookie flavor is the first thing you’ll notice on the inhale, bringing a brown butter sweetness and a hint of earthy pine. The exhale is all fruit—sweet blueberry cobbler with a hint of orange and lemon zest that peps up your palate.

Showboat’s Most Prominent Terpene

Promoting a relaxing yet euphoric experience, tasty, herbal myrcene is the powerhouse terpene that gives this strain its signature blend of uplifting yet soothing effects, as well as its tasty fruit flavor.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains Like Showboat

If you’re looking for strains that balance sativa and indica genetics like Showboat, Lightshade Ganjier Zach York has the perfect picks:

Pairing thickly frosted flowers with a sweet and creamy aroma, fellow indica-dominant hybrid Divorce Cake shares Showboat’s show-stopping effect.

Boasting the same 60/40 mix as Showboat, Goldmember is among the balanced strains that bring a silly, giggly charm.

Animal Mints shares Showboat’s staying power, bringing a strong and incredibly long-lasting high, and it puts a bright minty spin on those classic cookie flavors.

Budtender Reviews

Balanced, blended, and here for a good time, Showboat is the strain Lightshade budtenders reach for when they’re looking to enjoy the best of both sativa and indica energies—all wrapped up in one seriously tasty floral package.

Showboat is a great strain to share, or enjoy it solo for a little self-care and indulgence. We love pairing this strain with a favorite movie or indulging in an excellent meal after it sparks our appetites. Soothing yet inspiring, it’s the perfect strain for making a normal night at home feel like a special occasion.

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