Lightshade Dispensary Community Service - Federal Heights, Colorado

First Tuesday - Volunteer with Firefighters

Lightshade staff came together for First Tuesday to volunteer with Federal Heights firefighter to help feed 1,400 residents in need.

Lightshade Denver Urban Gardens

Denver Urban Gardens - APDC Planting Day

Lightshade staff and partners came together to help out D.U.G. (Denver Urban Gardens) at the Asian Pacific Development Center and planted in the community garden alongside community members. The team was responsible for clearing two new garden beds and planted perennial pollinator plants to help the garden flourish.

Giving Back to Our Community at The Gathering Place


At Lightshade we are committed to being an active and responsible community partner. Over the last few years, as Lightshade has grown, we’ve taken steps to work with organizations in each local community who share our values, goals, and vision for a better world.

One such organization is The Gathering Place.

From The Gathering Place:

“Founded in 1986, the Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, their children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. While we refer to those we serve as ‘members’, no fees are ever charged for programs or services.”

Members of the Lightshade team recently spent a day volunteering at The Gathering Place, preparing and serving lunch for over 150 of their members. Like any good hosts, our team picked up the tab and did the dishes after food service!

Lightshade’s Marketing Assistant and Social Media Coordinator, Chelsi Munce, beautifully summarized the overwhelming sense of purpose and gratitude felt by the team, after spending time volunteering at TGP, saying…

“The Gathering Place opened my eyes to how much help women living in poverty need, and the lengths TGP goes to accommodate those needs. The entire Lightshade crew was so happy to help out and make lunch for everyone! After experiencing a full tour of The Gathering Place, the Lightshade team was overcome with emotion at the generosity provided by this center and how much our contribution matters to the improvement of multiple women and children’s lives.”

At Lightshade, it is our belief that doing good feels great. We take pride in our commitment to give back to the community and hope that our efforts, and the efforts of our team, inspire others to follow suit. We created our Corporate Cannabis Social Responsibility program for this purpose—as a method to organize and institutionalize the Lightshade commitment to giving back.

Jump below for a handful of photos and a video from our day of giving at The Gathering Place. If you are interested in learning more about The Gathering Place, or would like to get involved with this outstanding organization, please visit the site below.

Senior Support Services Holiday Party - Lightshade Dispensary

Senior Support Services Holiday Party

On Saturday, December 16th, at Senior Support Services’ annual holiday party, volunteers from Lightshade served food to senior citizens in need. We will also be providing 250 sets of hand and foot warmers, as well as under-garments, to each of their clients. Our goal was to help keep Denver’s less fortunate seniors warm and fed throughout this holiday season.

Lightshade Volunteering | The Gathering Place

Lightshade Volunteers at The Gathering Place

Continuing our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Lightshade recently volunteered for the meal sponsorship program at The Gathering Place in Denver. The Gathering Place offers support to women, their children and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty or homelessness.
Lightshade Volunteering | The Gathering Place
Lightshade staff members, including the owners, prepped and served lunch to The Gathering Place members on Monday, November 6. It was a great experience to help such an inspiring organization. A big thank you to The Gathering Place for having us!

Learn more about Lightshade’s ongoing CSR initiative.

Lightshade Volunteering | The Gathering Place

Lightshade Volunteering | The Gathering Place

Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens

Teaming up with Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens

Here at Lightshade, we are extremely passionate about our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. We aim to remain active in the Denver community through volunteering and working with various organizations like The Gathering Place and most recently, Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens.  Last week, members of Lightshade and kindColorado volunteered at Delany Community Farm.

Delaney Community Farm is a partnership between Denver Urban Gardens and Project Worthmore. It is a 5-acre farm that provides refugees access to farming, healthy food and a community here in Denver.  Their mission is to “support refugees from the local community through community-based food security programs.”

We pulled weeds, harvested vegetables, prepared the farm for winter, as well as sorted and packaged harvested vegetables and herbs. This is our second time volunteering with Delany Community Farm and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be back. Thank you to Denver Urban Gardens and Project Worthmore for having us!

You can read more about our CSR initiative here and more of our work with Delaney Community Farm.

Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens

Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens

Project Worthmore and Denver Urban Gardens


DeLaney Community Farm

Lightshade Volunteers at DeLaney Community Farm

As a part of Lightshade’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, we aim to remain active in our community. Members of the Lightshade CSR Team, with representatives from each retail location, recently volunteered at DeLaney Community Farm to help weed and get the fields ready for planting.

DeLaney Community Farm, operated by a partnership between Denver Urban Gardens and Project Worthmore, has a mission of supporting refugees residing in the local community through food-based programs. Lightshade’s volunteers worked alongside immigrants from Burma, Senegal and Afghanistan, as part of the farm’s program to connect refugees to the local fresh food economy and teach sustainable agricultural practices.

We love being a part of the Denver Metro community and having the opportunity to give back through positive programs. Lightshade is proud of their team’s willingness to get their hands dirty and make a difference. Stay posted on more from our CSR Team to come!