Lightshade Doesn’t Allow Grow Facility Tours. We Explain Why.

“Can I tour your grow facility?“ It’s one of our most frequently asked questions. And while we hate to say “no” (we don’t want to disappoint our customers!), our no public tours policy directly benefits you; we promise! One of Lightshade’s grow managers, Kevin, sheds light on our policy and the benefits we’re passing onto our valued patients and customers.

The marijuana industry is growing every day. The competitive nature of the market is driving businesses to try and stay one step ahead of the curve by doing whatever they can to ensure that they’re the best. As one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Denver, one way Lightshade does this is by not allowing open tours throughout its grow facilities. By preventing tours, Lightshade can ensure a higher product integrity while making sure our proprietary grow methods and technologies are not available to the public.

Lightshade prides itself on having the best marijuana product on the market. In order to keep the plants free from cultural issues, Lightshade must continually work toward not only keeping the product as clean as possible, but the environment as well. While other Colorado marijuana dispensaries are capitalizing on marijuana tourism by offering cannabis tours to the public, this negates one of the key controls they have inside their grow facilities and could lead to a lower quality of product. Just think of the potential contamination that could occur if someone who had previously visited another grow facility wanted a tour at Lightshade. They might not know it, but their clothing could be contaminated with spores of powdery mildew, spider mites, or other microscopic, yet unsanitary materials that could severely impact what we have going on inside our walls. Lightshade has decided that the best way we can maintain our product’s integrity is by not allowing tours of our grow facilities.

Lightshade also incorporates tried and true growing methods that are bundled together with some of the most innovative equipment to run their facilities. By keeping these behind closed doors, Lightshade can not only thrive, but we can stay ahead of the competition. If people were free to tour our facilities, the intellectual property of the grow operations themselves would almost be worthless. A competitor working for another Colorado marijuana dispensary could tour the grow, take a mental snapshot of what Lightshade is doing, and put that memory into action at their own facility in order to improve their product quality, quantity and facility’s overall efficiency.

So, while it might be disappointing not to be able to tour our grow facilities, it’s for good reasons! Allowing tours of the grow facilities can put our cannabis product’s health and quality at risk—and that’s not a risk we’re willing to pass onto our patients and customers. Lightshade also runs the risk of letting people know how and why we’re staying ahead of the industry’s competition. As one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Denver, these are things we need to keep under our control to ensure that our patients and customers are walking out the door with a high-quality product every time. As one of Lightshade’s grow managers, I can say that I’m proud of the product’s quality from start to finish—and I’m happy that I get to share that quality with the consumer.

If the suspense of not seeing what goes on behind the scenes is still too much to handle, come visit the Lightshade Holly location—you can check out our viewing window into our professional, high-end marijuana grow facility from our lobby while you wait to shop our premium selection of marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and accessories. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day!