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A beloved cannabis strain known for its fruity aromas and high THC content, Silver Haze is an old-school classic that every cannabis connoisseur should try at least once.

Created by Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze is a classic sativa strain enlivened with energetic and uplifting effects. Breathe deep and enjoy the ride as your body relaxes and your mind soars to new heights.

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Strain Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

With its energetic effects and an incredible body high, it should come as no surprise that Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Users can expect to ride that signature sativa energy and enjoy its creative and buzzy effects.

But don’t forget about those indica genetics, which bring Silver Haze back down to earth. Relaxing and soothing, they prevent the high from feeling too frenetic, leaving you centered yet energized as you enjoy the experience.


Created by crossing Northern Lights and Classic Haze genetics, Silver Haze is a heritage strain with mass appeal.

Classic Haze Silver brings the pep to Silver Haze’s step. Sweet and spicy Northern Lights brings indica appeal, creating euphoria and a floaty full-body buzz.

How does Silver Haze make you feel?

Silver Haze hits fast, with a cerebral, clear-headed high that will leave you feeling creative, energetic, and positively blissed out. Jot your thoughts in a journal or do some sketching as the haze transports your mind to new dimensions.

Those indica effects kick in next, filling your body with a potent sense of flowing relaxation. Breathe deep while a comforting sensation washes away aches and pains, easing any stress, sadness, or discomfort that might be dragging you down.

As you go about your day, that powerfully clear-headed sensation will linger, leaving you feeling enlivened and energized. This afterburn is the perfect time to check pesky tasks off your to-do list, or simply enjoy feeling extra engaged with your surroundings as you go about your day.

THC Potency

With high THC levels of around 22%, Silver Haze is a serious strain sure to be savored by cannabis connoisseurs in search of a true heritage experience.

Best left to seasoned users, this high-impact consumption experience will leave you buzzing, blissed out, and ready to enjoy the creative and energetic effects for hours to come.

Strain Aromas

Silver Haze is famous for its aromatics, and one whiff will tell you why. Breathe in and you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of a peaceful forest grove, with pungent notes of earthy pine and mineral complexity.

Strain Flavor

Pine forest flavors are strong on the inhale, which is grounded, earthy, and nutty. The exhale lends a fruity brightness, with notes of wild plum and a slightly herbal sweetness that beautifully rounds out the flavor.


With a delightful herbal sweetness and euphoric effects, blissed out myrcene brings a relaxing uplift to your consumption experience.

Love that lingering all-day energy and sense of mental clarity? Thank caryophyllene, which brings creativity-enhancing, imagination-supporting power.

Zesty, creative, and energetic, uplifting limonene will get you off your feet and out into the world on creative adventures.

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If you’re looking to crank up the indica relaxation, perfectly blended 50/50 hybrid Miracle Alien Cookies delivers, creating a soothing yet energized ride.

Want to lean into that sativa pep? Lucinda Williams is the strain for you. Bringing uplift without the jitter, this high-flying strain will take you where you want to go.

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