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A happy result of breeding two cannabis classics, Divine Kush Breath is the rare strain that delivers relaxing physical effects without sedation. User reviews praise this Kush Breath strain’s ability to strike a perfect balance between a relaxed body and alert mind.

A tasty treat that helps relax your body and focus your mind, Divine Kush Breath is perfect for days when you want to chill but aren’t ready for couch lock. These unique qualities make it perfectly suited for therapeutic uses such as easing aches and pains and washing away the everyday blues.

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Strain Type: Indica-Leaning Hybrid

The indica dominance of this hybrid strain is responsible for its relaxing, soothing impact. But don’t turn to Divine Kush Breath if you’re looking for a typical sleepytime indica experience—Divine Kush is something special.

While most indicas are perfect for bedtime, Divine Kush Breath offers something a little more lively, pairing sedation with a little kick, like a tasty chili spiked chocolate bar.


Created by crossbreeding the cannabis genetics of Platinum Kush Breath and Divine Gelato #3, Divine Kush Breath’s unique qualities can be traced back to its parent strains.

Platinum Kush Breath brings classic indica notes to the table, with a soothing, anxiety busting power that washes away stress and strain. Divine Gelato #3 lends a tasty, creamy kick with nutty undertones. Together, these parents create a beautiful strain whose bud appearance is characterized by glistening trichome coverage.

How does Divine Kush Breath make you feel?

With a high cannabinoid content and admirable CBD levels, Divine Kush Breath comes on strong and has the deceptive appearance of being a classic indica. But stick around for a while—especially if you favor slower acting consumption methods. What happens next will surprise you.

After a while, those predictable indica strain effects of physical relaxation and mental relief will sink deep into your bones. You’ll reach a perfect plateau of zen, and that’s when things get interesting. You’ll start to perk up, finding a new source of energy to draw on that leaves you centered and calm.

This focused, heightened, attentive state spreads throughout your mind, creating feelings of grounded appreciation for the world. Work on a creative project or simply enjoy observing the world around you as this special strain kicks your focus up a notch before you sink into profound relaxation.

THC Potency

With a heavy hitting THC content of 23%, Divine Kush Breath delivers a powerful, but never overwhelming, high. Expect to feel swept up in the experience while retaining that conscious focus.

Start off with just a toke or two as you settle into this strain, allowing the feelings of relaxation and uplift to wash over you and lift you sky high, floating above the worries and cares of everyday reality.

Strain Aromas

With a gelato parent waiting in the wings, you know Divine Kush Breath is going to have an aroma profile that will have you coming back for more. Scents of pine and gasoline hit on the inhale, with a sweet, vanilla tinged exhale rounding out the experience like the cherry on top of the perfect sundae.

Strain Flavor

Sweet and earthy, Divine Kush Breath’s flavor notes are deliciously addictive. You’ll notice the buttery, rich, creamy vanilla flavors first, a little bit like a swipe of buttercream frosting from the top of a birthday cake. Earthy notes come next, lending complexity and depth to this sweet treat.

Divine Kush Breath’s Dominant Terpenes

Lending that sour diesel note to Divine Kush Breath’s inhale, limonene also brings that gentle uplift that prevents this indica hybrid from leaning too heavily into sedation.

The ultimate balancing terpene, spicy caryophyllene delivers the perfect blend of soothing and energizing effects for a relaxed but not overwhelmingly sleepy smoking experience.

Lightshade Ganjier Zach Recommends Strains like Divine Kush Breath Strain

Love the way Divine Kush Breath leaves you relaxed but uplifted? Looking for the indica experience without the couch lock? Lightshade Ganjier Zach York has some similar strains to recommend:

Sharing Divine Kush Breath’s gelato lineage, Gelato Cake is a dense, dank, creamy, dreamy treat. Perfect for nighttime indulgence, it’s a little more sleep-inducing than Divine Kush Breath.

Pairing mental uplift and euphoria with physical relaxation, Lavender Jones shares Divine Kush Breath’s elusive mind/body balance.

Known for its ability to elevate the best of your good vibrations, Miracle Alien Cookies is similar to Divine Kush Breath in its instant application of rose-colored glasses to even the grayest day.

Budtender Reviews

Divine Kush Breath’s balancing act means it’s the strain Lightshade budtenders reach for when we’re looking to unwind but not shut down. Soothing the body and elevating the mind, it’s perfect for days when you want to feel grounded and centered but still relaxed.

We turn to Divine Kush Breath when we need a little creative boost. It pairs perfectly with craft projects and cooking up tasty treats, and it’s a great strain to share on a night in with friends. Break out the coloring books and get ready to tap into your sense of play when this strain is on the scene.

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