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Lightshade Spotlight - Kasey - Opera Singer

Spotlight | Kasey – Opera Singer

"My name is Kasey and I'm an Opera Singer. CBD and cannabis has really helped me combat the effects of performance anxiety and I've been able to elevate my style of performance."...

Lightshade Spotlight - Leaf411 - Katherine Golden & Jennifer Axcell

Spotlight | Katherine Golden & Jennifer Axcell – Leaf411

During a time when medical support is more important than ever, we had the privilege of (virtually) sitting down with Katherine Golden and Jennifer Axcell, founders of Leaf411. Leaf411 is the first FREE cannabis nurse hotline, providing the necessary support and advice that dispensaries cannot...

CBD Yoga - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Spotlight | Cayla – Yogi

"My name is Cayla and I'm a Yogi. CBD allows me to maintain my yoga practice along with my running and anything else that I like to do. And it's just a way for me to feel like I'm giving back to my body and...

Lightshade Dispensary Spotlight - Cannabis Chef David Hadley

Spotlight | David Hadley – Cannabis Chef

"My name is David Hadley and I'm a cannabis chef. I love cooking because I'm able to put my passion, my anger, my excitement, my emotion, all on a plate at the time that I'm cooking. My goal is to de-stigmatize and normalize the idea...

Lightshade Spotlight - Cindy - Cancer Survivor

Spotlight | Cindy – Survivor

"My name is Cindy and I am a middle school counselor. I've been a middle school counselor for about 20 years. July 11th, I went to get my annual mammogram after they harassed me very often, because I hate doing it. And that same afternoon...