Altus is a Latin word meaning “high, noble, and profound.” Your relationship with cannabis is highly personal and deeply profound. We are committed to the noble cause of personalized choice through custom cannabis experiences that fit each of your unique life moments. Altus is for the ailments you have, for the enjoyment you seek, to provide the relief you deserve. Altus is here to do the job you want us to do, every single time.

We offer an array of products across forms, strains, and cannabinoid profiles. To help you select the right product for each of your unique life moments, our products are placed in three categories: ritual, therapeutic & enhance.



Soaring to the forefront of cannabis innovation, Altus offers various products tailored for your unique life moments. Leveraging the power of the plant, Altus is available right where you need them, whether for the ailments you have, the pleasures you seek, or the relief you deserve.

“Our formulations are derived by doctors and pharmacologists based on the latest research. We are in the cannabis industry to leverage the plant’s power to drive predictable and dependable results. From casual use to therapeutic treatment, Altus is here for your life’s every moment. We take pride in our process and focus on transparency. Additionally, our products are made with the highest quality ingredients available. That means 100% strain-specific sourced solvent-free distillate in all products. That means all-natural fruit puree in our gummies and avocado oil in our skin gel.”


  • Ritual — These are low-dose THC or non-intoxicating products that help with managing minor issues or getting better rest
  • Therapeutic — These products feature 25mg of CBD per dose with variable THC doses that help with more chronic and acute issues.
  • Enhance — THC focused products to help enhance any occasion you may have throughout the day

“Our mission is to empower you to make the most educated and personal choice when selecting the cannabis product that is perfect for your life’s every moment. To help, our products are placed in three categories: ritual, therapeutic & enhance.” — Altus