710 Labs

We are award winning artists obsessed with making the sharpest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand trimmed product on the planet. We are OGs that use natural selection to hunt exotic strains from the most renowned breeders on the planet, including landrace single origin seeds that took decades to find. We wash our flowers by hand and press out small batches of rosin at a time to ensure the highest quality product every time.

A solventless refinement process that presses out the water hash between two heated metal plates. Done just right, the results are a gorgeous yellow white or white oil butter.



710 Labs is a group of standard-setting, award-winning innovators that specialize in the art of butane extractions.

They’re obsessed with crafting the most delectable, organically-fed cannabis on the planet and seeking exotic strains from renowned breeders worldwide.

Washing their flower by hand and pressing out small batches of rosin, 710 Labs employs a solventless refinement process that produces a gorgeous yellow-white or white oil butter. 

710 labs are evolving the cannabis craft and serve up quality products like:

  • Solventless — water hash, rosin, rosin sap, and persy sauce
  • Solvent — sauce, badder, and sugar
  • Vape
  • Flower
  • Joints
  • Living Soil
  • Gummie
  • RSO

“We are award-winning artists obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small-batch, hand-trimmed cannabis on the planet. We are the OGs that hand-select and hunt exotic strains from the most renowned breeders, including landrace single origins seeds that took decades to find.” – 710 Labs