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Cannabis Tinctures

Sublingual and intraoral products, including sprays and tinctures infused with cannabis, are placed directly under the tongue or sprayed into the mouth for absorption into the bloodstream.

For hundreds of years, physicians from throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe dispensed, recommended, and prescribed cannabis tinctures for a wide variety of common ailments. They are still effective today particularly when paired with other healthy ingredients.

Cannabinoids and terpenes are directly absorbed into the bloodstream, offering an effective and fast way method of ingestion in contrast with edibles which, while providing a longer and sometimes stronger effect, require digestion and conversion through the liver. Intraorals and sublinguals are discrete, and more bioavailable; meaning that more of the substance will enter the bloodstream and be utilized. For customers who would prefer to avoid inhalation, this is a terrific way to enjoy all the benefits of these plant compounds.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures and Sprays

Full cannabinoid / terpene profile

No smoking required


A broad array of products are available from high THC mixtures to those sporting 4 or even 8-to-one and beyond ratios of CBD to THC for those seeking less psychoactivity.  Sublingual absorption will be felt by the patient typically from 5-30 minutes, and the effects lasting from 2-4 hours.


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