Cannabis Tinctures


Sublingual and intraoral products, including sprays and tinctures infused with cannabis, are placed directly under the tongue or sprayed into the mouth for absorption into the bloodstream.

Cannabis tinctures have a long history of consumption across North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Due to their therapeutic effects, tinctures have been consumed by cannabis-lovers for hundreds of years in these regions and they remain popular today, especially when paired with traditional herbs.

In the case of cannabis tinctures, cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed into the bloodstream directly, offering an effective and quick method of consumption, in contrast to edibles, which require digestion and conversion through the liver. Intra-orals and sublinguals are discrete and more bio-available, meaning more of the substance enters the bloodstream to be used by the human body. For customers who prefer not to inhale their cannabis, tinctures are an attractive alternative for enjoying the rich plant compounds.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures & Sprays

  • Full cannabinoid / terpene profile
  • No smoking required

Featured Brands at Lightshade


A wide range of tinctures are available at Lightshade, from high THC mixtures for consumers who enjoy the heady effects of cannabis, to lower dosage and CBD options for cannabis consumers looking for a non-psychoactive alternative. Absorption typically occurs within 5-30 minutes and the consumer can expect to feel the effects for roughly 2-4 hours following consumption.

Featured Tincture Brands

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