Fort Collin’s Nokhu Labs have perfected the art of making expertly cultivated cannabis extracts.

Using only heat and pressure in their manufacturing process, Nokhu Labs makes Colorado cannabis fans happy with their pure concentrates that are a pure plant expression. 

“Nokhu Labs focuses on creating premium solventless extracts made from expertly cultivated cannabis. The solventless extraction process uses only heat and pressure to create pure concentrates, providing a clean, potent, and accurate representation of the flower it came from.” – Nokhu Labs

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If your goal is to feel euphoric, relaxed, balanced, calm, and happy, then Nokhu Labs has you covered. 

With decades of combined experience in cultivating and refining, Nokhu Lab’s Extraction team and Master Growers produce a unique synergy that is apparent in all of their products. From their full-spectrum live rosin gummies to their award-winning high-viscosity hash oil cartridges,


“We believe you get out, what you put in, which applies to our products, our profession, and our daily lives.  By focusing on solventless concentrates, our end products are only as good as the Cannabis that goes in and the processes used to create our concentrates expertly.   We are dedicated to the craft of bringing you the highest quality Cannabis products available.”—Nokhu Labs


100% Solventless Hash Gummies

“These rosin-based gummies offer a full-spectrum high unmatched by typical distillate-based gummies. Made from our award-winning solventless hash oil, these gummies pack a punch, offering a full cannabinoid profile experience every time.”

Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge

“Award-winning solventless hash oil cartridge, made from first press live rosin, the SHO cartridges are single-strain, high-potency, and solventless and additive-free. Nokhu utilizes the highest quality cartridge that is well-suited for the higher viscosity oils in a solventless product.”

Hash-Infused King Palm Mini

“Top shelf flower from soil-grown garden combined with bubble hash in a 4:1 ratio. The King Palm Mini provides a tobacco-free mini blunt experience for a smooth burn and exceptional taste. These little beauties pack a punch!” 

Live Rosin

“Our flagship product. Our full-spectrum live rosin represents a beautifully concentrated representation of our soil-grown cannabis. Fresh frozen flower, ice, water, heat and pressure, and nothing else.”