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Cannabis Bath & Body

Cannabis Topicals & Transdermals


Cannabis topicals include oils, lotions, balms, and salves infused with active cannabinoids. They are applied directly to your skin and, although some topicals may contain THC, the effects are typically non-psychoactive as the dermal skin layer absorbs most, if not all the compounds before any reach the bloodstream. If a topical is applied liberally to a venous region, such as the wrist, an overall relaxation effect may be experienced. The limited absorption and regionalized effects make topical products a terrific way enjoy the anti-inflammation and pain relieving aspects of cannabis, particularly in targeting specific regions of the body like sore joints or aching muscles

The most effective way to apply topicals would be to massage the product well into the affected area. If the patient is seeking relief from muscle spasms, combining the topical with heat would be most effective. Topicals can be used on joints, rashes and normally is combined with other ingredients to reduce pain and inflammation of affected areas. Topicals have become an increasingly popular method of consumption method in part due to their benign nature. At Lightshade we carry a broad selection from offering different mixtures of cannabinoids and herbs for general relief, performance sports and more.

Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Localized effect




Transdermals are products that penetrate all of the epidermal layers of skin to enter the bloodstream and provide both a regional and full-body effect. Transdermals are absorbed through the skin or mucosal membranes. As the layers of skin absorb medication from transdermal patches, creams or gels, the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream after fully passing through the dermal layer as opposed to standard  topicals which tend to be regional only.Transdermal patches offer many benefits over traditional pill, powder, or liquid medication delivery methods.

The first benefit of using patches is the method’s direct-to-bloodstream delivery. This delivery system allows the cannabinoids to bypass the liver’s metabolic activity which reduces the number of healthy plant compounds. A patient’s body heat activates a patch, prompting it to begin releasing medication into the circulatory system. By avoiding the acidic nature of the digestive system, the whole dosage is available for relief. The second benefit of using patches is that medication is supplied gradually and constantly through the skin’s natural barrier, rather than in a large, single dose. Patches achieve steadier blood levels as compared to injectables and most oral medications, and they are also discrete.

The effects of transdermal products can be felt in as little as 10 minutes and can last 4-6 hours (though usually dissipate sooner). Ask our budtenders about the best product for you!

Benefits of Cannabis Transdermals

Localized + systemic effect

Low to no psychoactivity


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