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Topicals are applied directly to the skin in the form of oils, lotions, balms, and salves that have been infused with active cannabis compounds. While some topicals contain THC, the effects are typically non-psychoactive as the dermal layer of skin absorbs most, if not all, of the active compounds before entering the bloodstream. Topicals aid in relaxation and muscle recovery and are frequently used by active individuals following hard workouts or strenuous activities.

Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

  • Localized effect
  • Non-psychoactive

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The most effective way to apply topicals is to massage the product into the affected area. Consumers often use topicals in conjunction with heat to amplify the positive effects. Topicals can be used on sore joints and even rashes, and are usually combined with other ingredients to help with general relief from pain and inflammation. Because of their benign nature, topicals have grown to become an attractive product to cannabis consumers seeking non-psychoactive relief.

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Transdermals are patches, creams or gels that are absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream to provide a full-body effect. As each layer of skin absorbs the active cannabis compounds found within the transdermal, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream impacting the full body as opposed to topicals, which tend only to impact the region to which they are applied. Transdermal patches offer consumers many benefits not realized through traditional, pill, powder or liquid cannabis delivery methods.

The first benefit of transdermal patches is the method’s direct-to-bloodstream delivery. This delivery system allows the cannabinoids to bypass the liver’s metabolic activity, reducing the number of healthy plant compounds. Your body heat activates the patch, prompting it to release cannabinoids into the circulatory system. Patches bypass the digestive system, meaning your body uses the entire dose of cannabis compounds.

Another benefit of transdermals is the timeframe in which the cannabinoids are delivered. The compounds are delivered in a gradual, constant way as opposed to in one large dose. Patches are a discreet, consistent and easy method of consuming cannabis.

The effects of transdermals can be achieved within as little as ten minutes and can last from 4-6 hours.

Benefits of Cannabis Transdermals

  • Localized + systemic effect
  • Low to no psychoactivity

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Cannabis Transdermals


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