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Stanley Brothers Cannabis-Infused Products

Stanley Brothers lead the cannabis-infused wellness revolution with products that bring together nature and science to help people and the planet. 

Stanley Brothers sustainably provide beneficial botanical therapies through science and innovation. And they give back. 

They invest in communities and change perceptions around natural health and wellness, which is what the brothers (yes, there are seven brothers) have been doing since 2009 through Charlotte’s Web. 

Products from the newest Stanley Brothers brand, ReCreate, give you the benefits of whole-plant cannabis with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and functional botanicals to improve your health.

“Leading with vision, acting through missions, and growing with love is the philosophy of the Stanley Brothers brands. That message amplifies the stories and needs of millions and grows from roots to blossom.” – Stanley Brothers

Stanley Brothers Products We Carry


ReCreate products don’t get you high. But they do promote wellbeing.

It’s cannabis reimagined.

And with just enough THC to enhance the combination of CBD and Ayurvedic botanicals, ReCreate is a perfect addition to your daily wellness routine.

ReCreate develops products with consistent and repeatable effects through precise formulations and dosing. They are products you can trust from a family that’s been in the business from the start.

ReCreate Cannabis Tinctures

ReCreate tinctures are cannabis-infused oils that provide fast results. And they’re made from US-grown, full-spectrum extracted cannabis that’s third-party tested for quality and effects you can trust. 

Their ingredients are natural, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and ethically sourced with no added sugar. 

Everyday Tincture 10:1 (CBD and THC): 500 MG CBD – 50MG THC

Relief Tincture 2:1 (CBD, THC, and Turmeric): 200 MG CBD – 100MG THC

Relax Tincture 4:1(CBD, THC, and Lemon Balm): 400 MG CBD – 100MG THC

Sleep Tincture 1:4 (CBD, THC, and Valerian Root): 25 MG CBD – 100 MG THC

ReCreate Cannabis Chocolates

You can indulge and promote wellbeing simultaneously with ReCreate chocolates. And just like ReCreate tinctures, the chocolates are crafted with US-grown, full-spectrum cannabis that’s third-party tested for quality and effects you can trust.

ReCreate chocolates include natural, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and ethically sourced ingredients with no added sugar.

Focus Chocolate (CBD, THC, and Lion’s Mane): 100 MG CBD, 25 MG THC

Sleep Chocolate (CBD, THC, and Valerian Root): 150 MG CBD, 50 MG THC

Relax Chocolate (CBD, THC, and Ashwagandha): 120 MG CBD, 30 MG THC

Relief Chocolate (CBD, THC, and Chaga): 120 MG CBD, 40 MG THC