DENVER (Sept. 24, 2020)—Colorado’s premier cannabis dispensary Lightshade is celebrating the Grand Reopening of its Peoria store at 12075 East 40th Avenue. Previously located in the adjacent lot, the Grand Reopening of Lightshade Peoria boasts 2,960 sq. ft. of retail space, an increase of nearly 150% over the original location. Featuring natural light and large windows, the Peoria location is outfitted with a drive-through that will be activated when regulations and licensing allows. The Peoria location is one of nine Lightshade dispensary locations in Denver, Aurora and Federal Heights.

“From our retail flow to our connoisseur-level range of product selection, Lightshade’s Peoria dispensary showcases the next phase in expanding our brand identity across all locations,” said Mike Leach, Chief Operating Officer, Lightshade. “At Lightshade, we specialize in dispensaries that offer an outstanding customer experience featuring our bright and stylish retail design and a knowledgeable staff ready to educate and serve our customers and patients.”

The revamped Peoria location marks a new phase for the Lightshade empire and showcases optimized protocols for merchandising, operations, security and design based on years of customer flow feedback. The lobby area is exponentially larger to allow more customers to wait inside safely out of the elements. Lightshade’s signature bud bays are wider with more display area and plastic sneeze guards to separate customers from budtenders and occupants in neighboring bays. While Lightshade remains consistent in ethos and product offerings, each location’s catalog is calibrated to meet the needs of the specific customer demographic that site serves.

As the maturing cannabis industry recognizes a decade as a regulated industry in Colorado, Lightshade has dialed in operations, prioritizing the customer relationship and formalizing a hyper-personalized experience. In an effort to elevate the dispensary experience, Lightshade utilizes a pharmacy model that begins with a one-on-one consultation with a Lightshade budtender to determine what type of products the client seeks.

“The Peoria location is right off I-70, just a stone’s throw from the airport, which means many of our customers are visiting us before they head off to some of Colorado’s most amazing tourist destinations,” Leach continued. “Rather than walking into rows and rows of overwhelming options, we try to provide a deliberative process and we prioritize educating our customers about responsible consumption. Lightshade is regularly recognized for our knowledgeable budtenders and we are particularly proud of our engaged and thoughtful staff.”

The new location features a mural from artist Kiri Leigh Jones, the second a series for Lightshade featuring a visual depiction of Lightshade.

Lightshade is among the only independent dispensary chains in the state and recently acquired its ninth location at Evans & Holly in Denver. Customers may pre-order for any Lightshade location on the Lightshade website.

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Lightshade: Colorado’s Premier Dispensary

Lightshade is Colorado’s premier cannabis dispensary serving recreational and medical cannabis consumers 21+ with a focus on high-quality cannabis products and personalized service. Founded in 2011, Lightshade operates nine dispensaries in Denver, Federal Heights, and Aurora. Lightshade is the first area dispensary to pioneer a Cannabis Social Responsibility platform and gives back to the communities it serves through volunteer work, donations and cannabis education. For more information, visit Continue the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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