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Know Your Edibles

  • Start Small

    Eat only one serving of a low-dose edible until you learn how you respond.

  • Go Slow

    Wait for effects to kick in before consuming another dose. Edibles can take up to two hours to work.

  • Don't Mix

    Do not mix edibles with alcohol or other substances.

  • Lock Them Up

    Store edibles in a childproof container and/or original packaging.

New to edibles?

Start here.

Experienced users

This is a suitable single-serving amount for experienced users only.

Expert users

This amount is suitable for expert-level users or significant medical needs.

Warnings for Women and Children

If you use marijuana in any form and at any time during your pregnancy, or while you are breastfeeding, it may harm your baby. If your child eats or drinks marijuana products, call the Poison Center Hotline as soon as possible at 1-800-222-1222. Symptoms can include your child having trouble walking or sitting up, starting to be sleepy or having a difficult time breathing.

Looking for an Alternative to Smoking Cannabis?

Many patients choose medical marijuana as a holistic health conscious choice over pharmaceutical drugs. In order to maintain that holistic approach, patients must consider the benefits of consuming edibles over smoking cannabis. Smoking marijuana can be beneficial however it is not without risk. Consumption of edibles allows the body to intake the medical benefits of THC through absorption in the mouth, stomach and liver, while avoiding the negative side effects of inhalation. Below are the most important factors when considering an edible to purchase.

Eating vs Smoking

The primary difference between ingestion and inhalation is the rate of absorption of the different Cannabinoids. This means that 10mg of inhaled Cannabinoids does not translate to 10mg of ingested Cannabinoids. In addition, edibles will take up to an hour to start feeling the effects and will last longer than smoking.

Smoke Free Benefits

Medical edibles are the favored method of consumption for many patients who prefer not to or cannot consume by smoking it. Ingesting cannabis eliminates the potential damage of the lungs caused by the inhalation of smoke.

Measuring Potency

The only accurate measure of potency is THC, CBD, & or CBD milligrams (mg). Do not be fooled by the hash, bud, trim, crystalline THC (kief) mg, or other tricky wording. Activating THC for edible consumption consist of a process involving heat and time that can greatly affect the potency of an edible.