Cannabis delivery is starting in Colorado but don’t celebrate until you read this blog. Why? Because there are still a few things you need to know before your first weed delivery.

There’s something magical about delivery. From pizza to literally anything you impulse-order from Amazon, the moment that box shows up, it always feels a little like Christmas morning. 

And for Coloradans, delivery just got even more exciting. Our state is finally rolling out a new licensing system for cannabis delivery. So what’s better than a hot, fresh pizza? An extra sticky pre-roll for dessert, that’s what!

Lightshade Cannabis Delivery

Lightshade is celebrating the rollout of weed delivery in Colorado with a retro commercial featuring former Denver Bronco, Super Bowl champion, and all-star cannabis reviewer Reuben Droughns. We’ve been granted our first delivery license, so if you’re in Aurora, Colorado, you can get cannabis delivered straight to your front door. 

Still, there’s a lot you should know, so let’s take a look at the ins and outs of dispensary delivery–where it’s legal, how to order, and what the future of weed delivery looks like in Colorado and beyond.

Cannabis Delivery in Aurora

If you’re an adult (21+) resident of Aurora, Colorado, we’ve got great news! As we mentioned before, Lightshade is ready to bring you cannabis on-demand within our Aurora delivery area.

While it has the bonus of enabling you to stay couch-locked until reinforcements arrive (Big Lebowski-style robe optional), ordering weed for delivery in Aurora, Colorado, is pretty similar to buying cannabis in a dispensary. 

Under the new Colorado guidelines, any Aurora resident over 21 is allowed to order cannabis delivery. All you need is a home address within Aurora city limits and a valid, government-issued ID like a passport or driver’s license.

Households can place one order per day, with the same set of legal limits that apply in an in-person dispensary pickup. 

That means 1 oz of THC per day, in any form. Feel free to mix and match products while staying within the limit. Consult with your friendly neighborhood budtender to create the perfect 1 oz care package for your at-home cannabis needs. As long as it adds up to fifty dollars or more, we’ll be delighted to bring it to your door.

And even better news; there’s no limit to the number of pizzas you can order to go with that cannabis. Nice. 


Here’s a recap:

  • 21+ adults can order cannabis delivery from Lightshade in Aurora, Colorado (you must be an Aurora resident). 
  • You must present a valid government-issued ID when purchasing and taking delivery of your Colorado cannabis products. 
  • You can place an order online here:
  • You can order up to 1 oz of THC products per day in any form. 
  • You must spend $50 or more to take advantage of Lightshade’s weed delivery. 
  • Unfortunately, we can only deliver cannabis to homes in Aurora, no hotels or other locations.

Cannabis Delivery in Denver

While cannabis delivery is legal in Denver, so far, residents can only indulge in limited city areas. As a result, demand for weed delivery is high (pun intended), leading to waiting lists and long wait times. But as the government approves more delivery licenses in the city, all that will change. 

So how will cannabis delivery in Denver work? It’ll be similar to the way it’s currently working in Aurora. The same limits and ID requirements will apply, and the same minimum order will be in place for Lightshade customers. 

Since Denver is a popular cannabis tourism destination, frequent visitors have asked us if they’ll be able to order weed delivery straight to their hotel rooms. Unfortunately, that won’t be an option for Lightshade’s customers. Still, according to the state of Colorado, hotel room delivery is ok if you clear it with the staff and have the proper identification to prove you’re a guest. 

But to keep things easy, Denver visitors might want to book an Airbnb for their next visit. The same rules apply to short-term housing rentals as they do to other residential cannabis deliveries. Just make sure to clear it with your host!


Here’s a recap:

  • As of now, Lightshade isn’t delivering in Denver, Colorado (only Aurora). 
  • The daily purchasing limits are the same when purchasing in-person from a legal dispensary throughout the state. 
  • Denver says it will allow hotel room deliveries (we expect more specific information soon). 
  • Colorado cannabis tourists might want to book an Airbnb if they anticipate ordering weed delivery in Denver. 

The Future of Cannabis Delivery in Colorado

Statewide cannabis delivery is in Colorado’s future. 

In states like California, dispensaries use legal cannabis delivery to help supply weed enthusiasts with the products they need to curb anxiety and make their time on the couch a little more enjoyable throughout the pandemic. 

With new licensing mechanisms in place, Colorado is sure to legalize delivery throughout the state soon. So if you don’t live in Aurora, but are ready for that order, hang tight! Your first cannabis delivery is likely right around the corner.

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