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Cannabis & Music - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

The Cannabis + Music Connection

The Cannabis + Music Connection—A Legacy of Inspired Sounds Consumers understand the connection between cannabis and music—but do you know how deep the relationship goes? Cannabis has a deep relationship with sound. Looking back at the beatniks of the 1950s and hippies of the 60s, we can...

Marijuana Edibles - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Cannabis Edibles We Love: Lightshade Staff Picks

Lightshade Staff Members Love Edibles (As Do Our Customers) – Here Are Some of Their Favorites A few times each year, we like to poll Lightshade staff to learn about their favorite cannabis products. If you’re a close follower of this blog, you might recall this...

Marijuana Edibles - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Setting the Record Straight on Edibles

Cannabis Edibles - Keys to Safe Consumption Edibles are a fun alternative for people who’d prefer not to inhale cannabis, but consumers (and the media) need some education around safe consumption. Edibles are the consumption method of choice for many fans of cannabis. You love them, we...

420 in Colorado - Cannabis Celebration - Weed Day- Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Lightshade’s Tips for Celebrating the Greenest Day of the Year

420 in Colorado Make the most of this green holiday with tips and activities hand-selected by Lightshade. Sure, St. Patty’s Day is green, but the greenest day of the year is 420. The roots of 420 are vague (and change depending on who you ask). Here’s what...

Lightshade celebrates women in cannabis

Women In Cannabis

Updated 3/28/2019 Inspirational Female Leaders Making an Impact in Colorado and Beyond As National Women’s History Month draws to a close, Lightshade would like to recognize the impactful women of cannabis. Last year, we published our first edition of Women in Cannabis. It was—and still is—our goal to...

The Gathering Place Denver

Nonprofits We Love

At Lightshade, giving back to the community is important. For this reason, we want to recognize five local organizations who are making a difference every day. Citizens in Colorado made their voices heard when they voted in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. Since then, the cannabis...

Lightshade Cannabis Products for Valentine's Day

5 Ways to Elevate Your Valentine’s Day with Cannabis

Ignite your passion this Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is next week. Are you ready? Many of our readers will answer this question with a sigh and roll of the eyes, others, with a seductive smile and nod. We understand both reactions. The Feast of Saint Valentine, as...

Lightshade Apparel 2018 - Denver Dispensary

Top 5 Blogs of 2018

A Look Back at 2018 With Lightshade’s Top 5 Blogs Of The Year Prepare for the New Year with a look back at five of your favorite blogs from 2018. The New Year is just around the corner, but we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to...