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Legal Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Violent Crime

The Verdict is in: Legal Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Violent Crime.

New research shows that despite what detractors claim, legal cannabis does not increase violent crime. A recent study analyzing crime in Colorado and Washington since legalization finds that legal recreational cannabis has little, if any, impact on violent crime rates. The study lends credence to the...

Cannabis Overconsumption

Too Much of a Good Thing: Cannabis Overconsumption

Can you consume too much cannabis? Yes. Will it harm you? No. Overindulgence isn’t limited to ice cream, potato chips, candy, or cocktails. Like most things in life, you can consume too much cannabis. You might know the feeling: Anxious, weak, pallid, shaky and paranoid, with a...

Lightshade Spotlight - Cindy - Cancer Survivor

Spotlight | Cindy – Survivor

"My name is Cindy and I am a middle school counselor. I've been a middle school counselor for about 20 years. July 11th, I went to get my annual mammogram after they harassed me very often, because I hate doing it. And that same afternoon...

Black Market Cannabis Vapes: What You Need to Know

We must protect our favorite plant (and consumers) from the scourge of black market cannabis. Cannabis industry veterans are hardened. We’ve forged a path to success in a field plagued by regulations and barriers (both legal and philosophical). And the battle to legitimize (and legalize) our...

Lightshade Dispensary - Break the Stigma - Stevie Kaye

Breaking the Stigma: Stevie Kaye

After a series of injuries ended her volleyball career at 22, Stevie Kaye turned to cannabis for relief. She has now been a cannabis activist and advocate for close to a decade, and we are excited to feature her first in our new Breaking the...

Cannabis and Weight Loss - Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary Colorado

Cannabis and Weight Loss: An Unlikely Combination

Cannabis consumption might help you maintain a healthy weight New research finds that cannabis has the potential to help consumers maintain a healthy weight. Are you surprised? People associate many things with cannabis - weight loss isn’t one of them. And while scientific evidence supports the Doritos-ravaging...

4 Ways to Enhance your Cannabis Experience

4 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis Consumption Experience

There’s nothing wrong with consuming cannabis just for the high, but with a world of new products and consumption methods, it’s not your only option. If all you do is smoke and watch sitcoms that’s cool, you do you. But know that you’re missing out on...

Umphrey's McGee Live at Red Rocks

An Interview with Umphrey’s McGee

In anticipation of their triumphant return to Colorado for a 3-night run at Red Rocks, we had a chance to sit down with Umphrey’s McGee lead singer and guitarist Brendan Bayliss, keyboard wizard Joel Cummins, and longtime band sound-caresser and manager Kevin Browning. Umphrey’s enters their...