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Rolling a joint in the Colorado summer - Lightshade Dispensary

Eight Cannabis Products for a Socially Distanced Summer

Summer in Colorado this year is going to be unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s tough to celebrate the season of sunshine beneath a mask (it gets hot under there!), and six feet away from friends. But, that doesn’t mean your Colorado summer has to...

John Bailey - Black Cannabis Equity Initiative - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Spotlight | John Bailey – Black Cannabis Equity Initiative

"My name is John Bailey and I'm the lead convener for the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative, which I started as opportunity to bridge a gap and relationship between the African American community and the cannabis industry and owners and operators in Colorado."...

Flower Eighths at Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary Denver

What is THCV, and Why Should Colorado Dispensary Customers Care?

Cannabis has a lengthy list of terms and phrases, and you can forget 90% of them. But you should add THCV to your weed vocabulary. Cannabis is growing increasingly popular. But there’s a barrier to more popularity, and its not Federal legalization, its confusion.  If you’re a...

Lightshade Spotlight - Kasey - Opera Singer

Spotlight | Kasey – Opera Singer

"My name is Kasey and I'm an Opera Singer. CBD and cannabis has really helped me combat the effects of performance anxiety and I've been able to elevate my style of performance."...

Wana Fast Acting Gummies - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Eight Products To Try From Your Favorite Colorado Dispensary

We keep things fresh in our dispensaries. Our teams are always on the lookout for new products from Colorado cannabis vendors. We also like to ask our employees for their favorites from time to time. But it's been a while.  This is the perfect time to check...

Social Distancing

Compassion and Empathy in the Face of Coronavirus

We’re with you - because we are you - and we want to know that you’re okay.  History is marked by events that change how we live. Some are gradual and creep slowly toward a tipping point, and others draw a direct line in the sand.  If...

Capitol Hill Denver

The Cannabis-Lovers Guide to Denver’s Capitol Hill

Referred to by some as the Amsterdam of the U.S. (if you think that’s a stretch, we agree), Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is at the forefront of the movement to end cannabis prohibition. It was here, after all, that Ken Gorman organized the first 4/20...

Lightshade Spotlight - Leaf411 - Katherine Golden & Jennifer Axcell

Spotlight | Katherine Golden & Jennifer Axcell – Leaf411

During a time when medical support is more important than ever, we had the privilege of (virtually) sitting down with Katherine Golden and Jennifer Axcell, founders of Leaf411. Leaf411 is the first FREE cannabis nurse hotline, providing the necessary support and advice that dispensaries cannot...