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Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding

The Cannabis-Enhanced Winter Tourist’s Guide to Colorado

Our cannabis-focused guide to a fun, adventurous, and elevated Colorado winter season. Tourists flock to Colorado during winter (and they always have). With unparalleled access to winter snow sports, a healthy dose of seasonal sunshine, an urban center exploding with art and food, and of course,...

CBD Yoga - Lightshade Dispensary Colorado

Spotlight | Cayla – Yogi

"My name is Cayla and I'm a Yogi. CBD allows me to maintain my yoga practice along with my running and anything else that I like to do. And it's just a way for me to feel like I'm giving back to my body and...

Weight-Loss Goals with Cannabis - Lightshade Dispensary

Achieve Your 2020 Weight-Loss Goals with Cannabis

Research shows that cannabis helps consumers maintain a slim waistline. Are you surprised? New Years' resolution season is in full swing. The time when people across Colorado try their hardest to meet mostly unrealistic fitness and lifestyle goals, and torture themselves by eliminating all things fun...

Lightshade Dispensary - Pineapple Express Strain

Classic Cannabis Strains: Pineapple Express

The classics never go out of style. There’s an argument in cannabis circles. Pineapple Express: which came first- the strain or the film? If you ask Seth Rogen, he’ll tell you the movie came first, with the genetics sharing the same name developed later in tribute.  “There...

Underage cannabis consumption in a decline

Cannabis, Teens, Crime, and Homelessness: The Connection that Never Was

For years cannabis detractors cited unsubstantiated or flawed studies and reports showing a relationship between legalization and an uptick in societal ills. They were wrong. Since legalization in Colorado, Cannabis has been blamed for everything, from an uptick in persons experiencing homelessness to an increase in...

Lightshade Dispensary Spotlight - Cannabis Chef David Hadley

Spotlight | David Hadley – Cannabis Chef

"My name is David Hadley and I'm a cannabis chef. I love cooking because I'm able to put my passion, my anger, my excitement, my emotion, all on a plate at the time that I'm cooking. My goal is to de-stigmatize and normalize the idea...

Legal Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Violent Crime

The Verdict is in: Legal Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Violent Crime.

New research shows that despite what detractors claim, legal cannabis does not increase violent crime. A recent study analyzing crime in Colorado and Washington since legalization finds that legal recreational cannabis has little, if any, impact on violent crime rates. The study lends credence to the...

Cannabis Overconsumption

Too Much of a Good Thing: Cannabis Overconsumption

Can you consume too much cannabis? Yes. Will it harm you? No. Overindulgence isn’t limited to ice cream, potato chips, candy, or cocktails. Like most things in life, you can consume too much cannabis. You might know the feeling: Anxious, weak, pallid, shaky and paranoid, with a...