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Lightshade Cannabis this Fall

Fall Is Never A Drag When You’ve Got Cannabis

The Lightshade 30-Day Challenge, Continued Elevate the season with our Autumn-focused recipes and ideas. Last month, we challenged you to make a switch from alcohol to cannabis at least one evening a week, for 30 days. We’ve since received a flood of positive feedback from Lightshade customers,...

Dispensary in Denver for Colorado Tourists

Is Legal Cannabis A Colorado Tourism Game Changer?

Colorado has long been the destination of choice for savvy outdoor travelers, and legal cannabis has added an extra layer of attraction for visitors. Mile High Numbers: Colorado tourism is booming. Last year saw a record-breaking 86 million visitors to the Centennial State. The numbers are still...

Lightshade - We are not doctors

Check Out Our New ‘Pieces Of Flare’

Lightshade team members are adorned with new flare and our customers are wondering why. Here’s the lowdown. If you’ve been into one of our eight locations recently, chances are you’ve noticed the new “I Am Not A Doctor” pins adorning the shirts and lanyards of our...

Cannabis Concentrates at Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Only The Good Stuff: The Wide World Of Cannabis Concentrates

July was concentrate month here at Lightshade and in honor of it we’ve been exploring the often-misunderstood world of oils and concentrates, not to mention running some great specials as well. In our last blog, we took a deep dive into oil cartridges, but now let’s take...

Cannabis Oil - Vape - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Locked & Loaded: A Deeper Look Into Oil Cartridges

In honor of oil month at Lightshade (don’t forget to check out our awesome specials) we thought it would be great to explore one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption: oil cartridge vape pens. The use of oil cartridges is on the rise. While flower still...

Lightshade Dispensary Denver - Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Is Cannabis the Answer to America’s Growing PTSD Epidemic?

Cannabis is an all-natural treatment for an often-overlooked mental illness. We believe in the power of cannabis to treat physical and mental ailments. From back pain to anxiety, depression to daily stress, the proven benefits of marijuana as a catalyst for improved health and wellness, are...

Cannabis for Mental Health - Lightshade Colorado

Are You Anxious and Stressed?

Drop the Wine and Pick Up the Cannabis Research shows that cannabis is an ideal tool to help people battle issues related to mental health—from daily stressors to severe conditions.   Our world is changing. Technology, for better or worse, is transforming the physical and mental landscape...

Lightshade & Goldleaf custom cannabis art

Lightshade & Goldleaf Collaboration to Benefit Veterans

At Lightshade it’s our honor to serve those that serve our country. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces sacrifice so much for us and all too often are forgotten about upon their return home. While Lightshade is proud to offer special...