Colorado cold snap could disrupt state's marijuana industry

At Lightshade, we pay very close attention to the weather reports, and not just because we know Denver can be 75 and sunny one minute, and snowing the next. Weather playing a major role in the growth and production of cannabis in Colorado. In this article our Director of Cultivation, Nick Drury, discusses how an early cold snap could have major implications on crop yeilds this year. Check it out.

via The Denver Post

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Lightshade: Design Reflects Ethos

We treat the cannabis shopping experience a little different at Lightshade. Our goal, with every intention from store layout to customer service, is made to change the way people think about cannabis. In this MG Retailer article our Director of Marketing, Lisa Gee, discusses how our homegrown roots play a big roll in how we design our stores and approach the cannabis retail experience. Check it out.

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Lightshade Virtual 420 Party


Lightshade won't let 2020 stop us from having a little fun every now and then. That's why our July Virtual 4/20 party had one of our biggest names yet, DJ Lord of Public Enemy. Read how we weren't going to let the health crisis end a long time tradition in Colorodo; Summer concerts. Check it out.

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Smaller joints and less-potent buds: recession weed is here

The global pandemic has affected everyone the whole world round. And while the ripple effects of the recession caused by the health crisis have been felt here in Denver, Lightshade remains dedicated to offering cannabis products for everyone. Check it out.

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Cannabis employees are in high demand during economic crash

While a recession takes grip on the globe as the pandemic continues to spread, the cannabis industry offers some hope to those seeking out employment opportunities. In this Politico article, our Director of Marketing, Lisa Gee, explains how while many industries are battling with layoffs, cannabis continues to grow. Check it out.

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