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Holiday Cannabis Products

Tips, tricks, and gifts to help you elevate, enjoy, and make it through this holiday season.

A wise person once said there are only two kinds of people in this world. There are those who see the holiday season as a time of survival, and there are the others—seasonal enthusiasts who view the holidays through rose-tinted glasses. At Lightshade, we understand both viewpoints.

Black Friday signifies the start of a season characterized by chaotic and occasionally frantic shopping, with faithful consumers lining up outside retail establishments at ungodly hours and in every form of weather—from unseasonal warmth to mind-numbing cold.

Cannabis Products and Gifts to Help You Survive the Holidays in Colorado

We are fortunate to live in Colorado, where you, and we, have access to a massive range of cannabis products help you make it through (if you’re on the survival side of the fence), or enhance (for those who just can’t get enough of the holidays), an already enjoyable season.

Then there are the tourists. As snow caps our mountains and the temperatures drop, travelers join locals in enjoying everything Colorado has to offer, including our access to the world’s finest cannabis.

This blog is dedicated to all of you—the holiday lovers, the Grinch’s, and the travelers looking for the ultimate Colorado experience.

Elevate your holidays with the seasons best cannabis products from Lightshade.

Holiday Must-Haves

Pax Era Vape - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

PAX Era Vape Pens with Custom Engraving

PAX Era Vape pens make excellent gifts for the cannabis lover in your life (or for you, go ahead and treat yo’self). Pax is always a popular choice, and the option to personalize the pen with custom engraving makes it an especially appealing option during the holiday season.

Pro Tip: Follow Lightshade on social media to find out when PAX will be in our stores offering free engraving on their vapes!

Not familiar with PAX Era Vape Pens? PAX Era is a low-profile oil vaporizer, with a no-button interface that gives you an instant response, and a variable temperature setting to deliver the purest flavor profiles. Era’s lightweight, minimal design and stashable pocket size, mean you can indulge in your favorite concentrate whenever or wherever you are. For the gamer in your life, the PAX mobile app not only offers temperature customization, but it also allows you to play video games with your PAX Era Vape!

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Binske Cannabis Products - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Binske Products

Binske’s chocolate bars, pates, and connoisseur concentrates will elevate the season and be the highlight of your holiday gatherings. The design aficionado in your life will appreciate the attention to detail put into Binske’s thoughtful package design, beautiful enough to dress up any holiday dessert tray. Binske elevates your favorite activities and is a perfect way to celebrate the season by yourself or with friends. Lightshade customers are especially fond of Binske’s Live Sugar and Budder, also great options to help you celebrate the season with (adult) family and friends.

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Stillwater Teas - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Stillwater Teas

Stillwater’s cannabis enhanced teas are the perfect way to wind down after a busy day of holiday shopping and are easy to share with friends and family as stocking stuffers.

Stillwater’s Mellow Mint Tea is available in a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio or full THC option, ensuring you’ll find the right balance to suit your mood. Stillwater’s Ripple powder can be added to any food or drink to make an instant edible or beverage.

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Dixie Synergy Bath Soak - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Dixie Synergy Bath Soak

Perfect after a long workout, long day at the mall, or a day spent with family, Dixie’s Synergy Bath Soak is infused with pure C02-extracted THC and CBD to relieve muscle soreness and tension. Formulated with equal amounts of CBD and THC, plus rosemary, lavender and cedarwood, this soak will help you find deep relaxation when you need it most. It feels good, smells good and it does good.

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Lightshade Merchandise

Lightshade Apparel & Merch

Fresh for the holidays, we’ve received a new batch of merchandise and apparel. From soft goods like t-shirts, hoodies and knitted caps to keep your head warm on cold days, to enamel pins that give your jacket, backpack or anything you can imagine a little extra flair, our stores are a one-stop-shop for the canna-friendly people in your life (or of course for yourself). Drop in and see what we’ve got!

Goldleaf Cannabis Prints

Lightshade and Goldleaf Limited Edition Prints

Earlier this year we teamed up with Goldleaf to create four custom art prints to benefit Project Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to re-acclimating veterans to family life and to our communities. Drop by the link below for more information or to purchase and feel great knowing that 100% of the profits are donated to Project Sanctuary. The prints are beautiful, support a great cause, and make beautiful gifts for your family and friends!

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A few products guaranteed to help you get through the holidays.

The selection of products below will help to ease your tension and elevate your mood throughout the holiday season.

Ripple Dissolvable THC - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Ripple Dissolvable Cannabinoids

Turn any food or beverage into an edible with Stillwater’s Ripple Dissolvable THC. Ripple is a calorie-free, odorless product that comes in perfectly precise packets containing water-soluble cannabinoid powder. Ripple powder can be added to any food or drink to make an instant edible. Microdosable by design, you can find that ‘perfect dose’ to tackle your to-do list, or to help relax you while you sit in front of the fire with hot cocoa and some homemade Ripple Sugar Cookies. Choices of 20:1 and 1:1 CBD/THC ratios, as well as a full THC option, truly make Ripple a versatile product.

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Blueberry Headband Strain - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Blueberry Headband Flower from Lightshade

Blueberry Headband is an Indica-dominant Hybrid, falls under the Calm category of our balance scale and is frequently consumed in the evenings. This is a great strain to consume after your relatives hit the hay and you need some extra help winding down from a long day of holiday interaction. Blueberry Headband is ideal for tension relief, general pain relief and as an overall mood enhancer.

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Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patches - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Mary’s Medicinal Transdermal Patches

From Mary’s Medicinal—Mary’s award-winning transdermal patches are born out of a commitment to accurate dosing and the application of advanced delivery methods. Offering a quick on-set and unsurpassed duration, Mary’s patches are 2×2 square, easy-to-use, and adhere directly to any veinous part of the skin for discreet all-day (or night) relief.

Slap on a patch while shopping and watch your stress evaporate.

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Coda Signature Products - Lightshade Dispensary Denver

Coda Signature Products

Perfect for the holiday season, Coda Signature crafts edibles, topicals and oils for the cannabis enthusiast.

Coda’s Symphony Collection Bath Bombs are the perfect way to wind down after a long day of shopping.

From Coda—The Body Essential Bath Bomb Symphony Collection orchestrates the rich effects of cannabis with our unique oil blends to provide a total body healing experience. Just drop a single bath bomb into a warm bath, submerge yourself, breathe deeply, and let this effervescent experience provide deep pain relief and nourished skin.

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Elevated Recipes for Adult Revelers

Here are a few recipes to help make your holiday party or gathering of friends and family a hit.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie - Stillwater

Vegan Pumpkin Pie from Stillwater

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Lightshade Cannabis this Fall

Extra Green” Bean Casserole, Canna-Relish, Pumpkin “High” Bites and Canna-Gravy from PotGuide.com

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Pro Tip: Keep these indulgences out of the hands of kids and be sure to tell everyone what they are drinking and eating. No one wants to see Grandma wind up in the ER.

Holiday Season travel tips for cannabis lovers

We’ve got a few tips for local travelers and out-of-state tourists joining us in Colorado for the holiday season. Make sure your holidays go off without a hitch and consider the suggestions outlined below when traveling both inside and outside of our state this season, or when enjoying time with friends and family.

DO NOT travel across Colorado state lines with ANY cannabis products.

When traveling within the state, store your products in an airtight, child and pet-proof container.

When introducing family and friends to the world of cannabis, start slow and explore microdosing products to achieve the desired effect. Let’s keep the holidays fun and avoid a hospital visit.

If you have family staying with you during the holidays (or at any time), store your cannabis products away from children and pets, and label any enhanced food items in your fridge or kitchen—because, as we’ve mentioned before, no one wants to see Granny end up in the ER.

From the holiday-obsessed to the Grinch looking for a survival toolkit, to the tourist in search of the quintessential Colorado experience, to folks hunting for the perfect gift to impress a cannabis lover, at Lightshade, we’ve got you covered.

Drop by one of our eight retail locations to check out the products mentioned in this blog. Happy holidays!