(Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze)

One of the most awarded strains in cannabis history, Green House Seeds’ Super Lemon Haze has become legendary for its supremely enjoyable Sativa effects package and its candy-like lemon flavor and aroma. The light green buds bristle with orange-red hairs, but look almost white with large-headed trichomes. When broken apart, the tangy-sweet lemon aroma fills the room. When smoked, the crisp, hazy smell left in the room is almost as nice as the bud itself. Though nicely energetic (especially early on), the SLH is known for being balanced in that it also offers a relaxing, floaty body effect. Overall, it is a top-flight daytime medicine, making almost any activity more enjoyable and instilling enough of a body relaxation to aid most users with their daily aches and pains as they enjoy life.

80/20 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

This strain is not currently in production. View our menus or contact one of our Lightshade locations for our strain availability.