(Unknown Landrace)

Dating back to at least the 1980s, this strain reportedly came from a Vietnam vet biker known as “Romulan Joe” (previously “Mendocino Joe”), one of the originators of the Trinity County, California, growing scene. While many believe it has Afghani roots, the strong head effects suggest that a Sativa was involved somewhere in its making. Romulan has a spicy, dank grapey aroma/flavor and large, leafy buds with lots of bright, orange pistils. Known for being one of the most potent “old school” varieties, the Rom hits hard and quick, sending many users to the couch with their heads ringing, but with a big smile on their faces. A buzzy, massaging body sensation accompanies the almost psychedelic visual and mental effects, making the Romulan a fun evening med that progresses perfectly into a sleepy relaxation.

60/40 Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Romulan at a Glance


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