(Hindu Kush + Skunk)

Master Kush, The Cannabis Cup Winner for two years in a row in the early ’90’s, is truly a master strain. Master Kush still has some of the highest potency counts, which comes from its powerful Indica lineage, in combination with a thick covering of resin, which contains large amounts of THC. Master Kush is a great medication for alleviating body pains and anxiety. These effects come from its Hindu Kush parentage. The Hindu Kush also brings in this strain’s flowery smell and fruity, yet earthy flavor. The Skunk, which is mostly credited for the potency that it brings to this strain, also contributes a strong growth cycle, helping to maintain consistency. Master Kush is not for newcomers; this powerful strain is recommended only for veterans of Indica strains.

90/10 Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Master Kush at a Glance

Master Kush Marijuana Strain

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