Grandaddy Purps Marijuana Strain Lightshade Colorado


(Purple Urkle Variant)

This particular strain was refined by Apothecary Genetics out of California, who specialize in creating medical-grade genetics for the MMJ community. Though some claim it’s crossed with Big Bud, we believe that it is a refined version of Purple Urkle that was selectively bred for higher yield than the often finicky and low-yielding Urkle. “Purps” lovers will immediately recognize its smell—a pungent blend of lightly sweet and skunky Nag Champa incense with an undertone of sweet grape candy. The flavor is also floral and incense-heavy, with some of the grape sweetness present on the aftertaste. Grandaddy Purps is known for being somewhat uplifting rather than heavy, similar to Grape Ape. Users’ moods improve almost immediately, and they are not held down to the couch, as happens with some other near-pure Indica strains. Muscle relaxation, mood elevation, moderate pain relief and appetite stimulation are the main medicinal qualities of Grandaddy Purps.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Grandaddy Purps at a Glance

Grandaddy Purps Marijuana Strain Lightshade Colorado

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