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(Island Sweet Skunk x Romulan)

Created in Topeka, Kansas, by a grower known as Mr. Dank, the Golden Goat’s name comes from its aroma, which brought to mind the smell of the nearby Golden Goat Recycling Plant, which reeked of hundreds of different types of soda syrup baking in the summer heat. The Goat’s fluffy Sativa structure and bright orange pistils carry an amazing lemon and cherry grenadine aroma with underlying musky notes, which come from the Romulan. The Goat is very uplifting and cerebral, energizing the user and at times making the mind and body both feel a bit racy. A true daytime med through the main part of the effects, the Goat tends to turn relaxing toward the end, which makes it best as an early evening choice. It’s perfect for a burst of frenzied activity, winding down toward restful sleep. The Goat shows promise for helping to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of nerve disorders, while also serving as a major digestive aid.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Golden Goat at a Glance

Golden Goat Strain | Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

Golden Goat Strain | Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

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