Girl Scout Cookie Marijuana Strain Lightshade Colorado


(Flo Rida OG x F1 Durban)

Perhaps the most hyped strain in the United States in the past couple years, “The Cookies” has outstanding visual appeal, with green and purple tones blending together underneath a surface of densely packed trichomes. The dense buds smell of musky OG, but the flavor carries an uncanny “Thin Mints” chocolate-mint quality, which is the reason for both its namesake and the frenzy of patients seeking it out. The Cookies is fairly potent without being overwhelming, which makes most users feel happy and goofy mentally, but deeply relaxed physically. A balanced strain, it’s good for a variety of ailments, but really chases away depression and anxiety, creating a feel-good mental state that lasts for hours.

60/40 Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookie at a Glance


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