(Highland Thai x Purple Thai x Afghan)

Flo comes from DJ Short’s Delta 9 Blue collection from the same trio of genetic lines as his Blueberry. Flo is a beautiful plant that normally finishes in shades of blue, lavender and green, and has an extremely unique, sweet hash-meets-anise flavor and smell.  A hybrid in the truest sense, Flo seems to simultaneously be a Sativa and an Indica rather than taking turns, as many strains do. Relaxing, uplifting and mentally clear, Flo’s effects are perfect for those looking for some body relief and relaxation but still needing to retain functionality. It’s never a super potent strain to the point of being overwhelming, but rather provides a very even and smooth experience that is highly recommended for all levels of patients, primarily as a daytime med.

Flo at a Glance


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