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(OG Kush x Reservoir Strawberry Diesel)

A Colorado creation, Bruce Banner #3 is a combination of OG Kush (now thought to be Ghost’s OG or perhaps the SFV OG) and Reservoir Strawberry Diesel, resulting in a racy and extremely potent Sativa experience. The OG Kush has a heavy influence on the smell, which is spicy and citrusy, with a light, sweet quality that comes through from the Strawberry D. The taste is Kush-heavy as well, since the #3 phenotype is thought to be the most OG Kush-dominant, resulting in a spicy, dank and lightly sweet flavor. A strong slam to the head, a vibrating body, and a rushy start evens out into a fairly relaxing and clear-headed OG-influenced experience in the second half of this experience. Bruce Banner #3 causes strong ocular and head pressure fluctuations, resulting in possible glaucoma and migraine relief, and also improves mood and energy, increases appetite, and provides muscle relaxation and pain relief—especially later on in the duration.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Bruce Banner #3 at a Glance

Bruce Banner #3 Strain | Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

Bruce Banner #3 Strain | Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

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