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(DJ Short’s Blueberry x Sour Diesel)

This fairly balanced hybrid originally comes from California (as so many good strains do), bringing two popular varieties together—the uplifting, fruity Blueberry and the head-ringing kerosene/lemon funk-monster Sour Diesel. Blueberry Diesel has an overall fruity aroma, but there is a backing sharpness that signifies Sour D’s influence. The flavor is best described as a lemon-berry parfait, with a slight acrid quality on the aftertaste. Most users report a ”couchlock” effect with this strain, as the Sour Diesel influence tends to be so potent that it keeps users seated, despite its Sativa-dominant lineage. A heavily mental strain, the mind will wander and sometimes race, but the body will stay relaxed and almost numb. We recommend this strain as an afternoon or evening choice because it has a bit of a “crash” toward the end, which leaves many users heading off to bed.


Blueberry Diesel at a Glance

Blueberry Diesel Strain | Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

Blueberry Diesel Strain| Lightshade Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

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