Banana Kush Marijuana Strain Lightshade Colorado


(OG Kush x Sagarmatha’s)

A clone-only strain that does indeed taste and smell like its namesake, Banana Kush is a potent and sedative Indica that is best for evening use. It uplifts the mood, yet normally proves to be more relaxing than euphoric. This effect leaves the user mostly immobile, yet mentally functional at first, until the relaxing latter effects kick in and slow everything down to a crawl for a perfect preparation for sleep. It’s not one of the most potent strains around, but it makes for a great, moderate Indica experience. Muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation and sleep aid are the primary medical benefits of this strain.

60/40 Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Banana Kush at a Glance


This strain is not currently in production. View our menus or contact one of our Lightshade locations for our strain availability.