Neos Vape

Lightshade is proud to carry marijuana vaporizer pens and accessories from NEOS at our marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Launched in 2014, Neos is a high-end quality cannabis electronic vaporization oil (“EVO”) company focused on achieving “best in class” standards in the category. If you’re looking for a quality marijuana dispensary where you can purchase Neos products for medical and recreational use, look no further!

Neos selects the best flower strains possible, furthering their ability to analyze as well as control the components and concentrations. This creates a consistently safe and reliable product for Lightshade and Neos consumers. Neos has become a trusted source for cannabis and vape enthusiasts appreciative of their commitment to safety and quality.

Product availability varies by Lightshade store locations, but some of the Neos vape products Lightshade carries include vape pens, batteries and strain-specific THC concentrated oil cartridges.

For more information, visit the Neos website.

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