marys-medicinals-logoLightshade is proud to carry Mary’s Medicinals products at our Colorado dispensary locations. A wellness company innovating at the intersection of engineering and horticulture, Mary’s Medicinals is focused on transforming how people view and utilize cannabis, developing products that isolate the benefits of cannabis and other vital plant extracts for optimum patient care. If you’re looking for a quality marijuana dispensary where you can purchase Mary’s Medicinals products, look no further than Lightshade!

Mary’s Medicinals established itself as one of the most trusted and innovative producers of canna-based products in Colorado and has since expanded to offer its products in half a dozen states. Mary’s was first to offer THCa and CBN products; discovered harvesting techniques for the isolation of CBC; and continues to develop cutting-edge approaches for isolating, manufacturing and delivering medicinal cannabis.

Available in THC Indica, THC Sativa, THCa, CBN, CBD and CBD/THC, Mary’s flagship patches are born out of a commitment to consistent dosing and the application of advanced delivery methods. Mary’s patches are 2×2 squares, easy to use, and adhere simply to any part of the skin for up to 12 hours of relief.

Mary’s Medicinals offers a line of high bioavailability transdermal gels and topical compounds that complement its patches, as well as 100 percent plant-based, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free capsules in CBN and CBD formulations. Mary’s newest innovations include cannabinoid-infused green and protein powders, pure CBD vape cartridges and tinctures.

Every batch of Mary’s Medicinals products is laboratory tested for quality, accuracy and consistency.

For more information, visit the Mary’s Medicinals website.

Mary's Medicinals at Lightshade Colorado
Mary's Medicinals at Lightshade Colorado
Mary's Medicinals at Lightshade Colorado

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