Cheeba Chews Edibles | Lightshade Dispensary Denver, Aurora

Cheeba Chews Edibles | Lightshade Dispensary Denver, Aurora

Lightshade is proud to carry Cheeba Chews at our Colorado dispensary locations. The original chocolate taffy marijuana-infused edible was first cooked in Colorado with a simple question, “Why can’t anyone make a consistently potent cannabis-infused edible for patients in need?” What was about to happen, no one expected. If you’re looking for a quality marijuana dispensary where you can purchase Cheeba Chews for medical use, look no further!

Cheeba Chews offers 11 edible products that feature a consistent quality and high potency. They are gluten free and peanut free, and the brand has been recognized with three prestigious “High Times” Cannabis Cup awards in its five years in business. Cheeba Chews is dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis-infused edibles, delivering superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line to consumers.

Lightshade and Cheeba Chews encourage users to use all marijuana products responsibly. Cheeba Chews are medical-grade cannabis-infused edibles. Please consult your doctor for dosage recommendations, wait at least 30 minutes for effects to take place, stay hydrated and don’t operate machinery.

Every batch of cannabis extract used in Cheeba Chews products is lab tested to ensure consistent, predictable dosing. Effects can last for 2-6 hours. Be sure to know your desired effects before consuming. When discretion is of the utmost importance, Cheeba Chews are available anytime, anywhere. Keep chews in a cool, dry place and re-wrap open chews to ensure freshness.

For more information, visit the Cheeba Chews website.

Cheeba Chews Green Hornet | Lightshade Dispensary Denver, Aurora
Cheeba Chews Dabba | Lightshade Dispensary Denver, Aurora

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